Review Policy

My reviews portray my personal opinions about the books I read. I do not get, nor want, any monetary reimbursement for my reviews. Sharing my love for books is my hobby and since my time for hobbies is limited I simply cannot accept all of the books I am asked to review.

I am not a professional reviewer, but I have been reviewing books for 10 years and my reviews have been published not only on this blog but also on other platforms. Simply put, I am just a book lover who wants to share her love for books as far and wide as possible.

I mainly read young adult contemporary novels, new adult fiction, contemporary fiction, literary fiction and non-fiction titles.

I am a marketing PhD student and willing to consider reviewing marketing books as well.

If you are interested in having me to review your book, please send me an email to

I accept e-books!

I am always open for hosting giveaways/cover reveals etc. Just let me know how I could help you!