Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Introducing Non-Fiction November

November is almost here and while writing a review for a non-fiction book I read recently, I came up with the idea to dedicate the upcoming month here at ReadReadRead for non-fiction books. (EDIT: I know there is some sort of non-fiction November channel going on in BookTube, but I am not participating in that.)

For me personally, non-fiction is one of those genres I always plan to read more from, but there are just so many incredible sounding books out there that I often feel like I don't know from where to start. 

This November, I will share with you reviews of non-fiction books, as well as other features, such a to-read lists, and perhaps also some recommendations for documentaries to watch, since those can be quite easily tied to non-fiction books. Some reviews have already appeared on this blog before and will now be just reposted, others will make their debut. 

Hopefully, this series of posts will manage to introduce you to some books you might not have heard of, and books you definitely want to check out for yourself. 

If you have any recommendations for what I should read in November, please let me know!

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