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Book Review: When Snowflakes Fall (The Graysons #1) by Tara Wyatt

Release date: October 25, 2016
Author links: Goodreads - Twitter - Website
Publisher: Swerve
Pages: 88

[ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review]

Description (from Goodreads):

Sometimes the heart needs a little Christmas magic. 

When Dr. Christie Harmon up and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to escape a vicious scandal, she expected a quiet, lonely Christmas on-call as a pediatrician at the local hospital. But when she’s treating a little boy with a bump on the head, she doesn’t expect his dad to be so distractingly handsome…or single.

In the wake of his ex-wife’s abandonment five years ago, Luke Grayson has been focused on raising his son Ethan. The scars from the split run deep, and Luke hasn’t trusted another woman to come into their lives. But there’s something about the sweet—and sexy—Christie that has him wondering if something’s been missing.

Can new love help lonely hearts find a way? After all, Christmas is a time for magic…

When Snowflakes Fall is the first book in Tyra Wyatt's The Grayson's series. It is the story of Christie, a pediatrician who meets Luke Grayson. Christie has been forced to leave her old life behind after a scandal and she has used moved to Wyoming when she runs into Luke at the emergency room. Luke has been living in Cheyenne his whole life and for several years he has been a single father for Ethan, a son he had with a woman who ended up running away. Neither Christie or Luke is looking for love, but they quickly realize that they cannot resist the feelings they have for each other.

There are three things I really liked about When Snowflakes Fall. (1) Tara Wyatt writes well and her prose is easy and entertaining to read. (2) Luke seems really charming and I love the whole "rugged handyman with a heart of gold" thing. (3) The setting seems interesting and for example, Luke's twin brother Matt is a character I definitely want to know more (the second book in the series called Like Fresh Fallen Snow focuses on him). 

There are also three things I wasn't a huge fan of. (1) I think Christie could have been developed a lot more as a character and I think the scandal from her past could have been treated in a little different way. (2) The events take place over like three weeks and I think the emotions and feelings develop a bit too quickly. (3) It wasn't as Christmassy as I expected. 

When Snowflakes Fall is a quite short, quick read and I think the fact that it is only a bit over 80 pages explains why the characters are not as developed as I would have liked them to be. Since this is a part of the series I expect the characters and their stories to be expanded in future installments. If you plan to read only one Christmas book this holiday season maybe pick up something a bit longer so you can get a more full-rounded story, but if you are like me and planning to pick up a number of Christmas books When Snowflakes Fall is definitely a book to consider. It might be quite predictable, but predictability does not really bother me with books like this because I just want to reach a happy ending (which is quite a predictable element of romance novels). 

As some of you might know, I am a MASSIVE fan of Hallmark Christmas movies and I think this story reads quite a lot like a Hallmark movie, just with added sexy times. There's a hot single father who is doing everything he can to protect his son from being hurt, a gorgeous new woman in town who believes a scandal from her past could ruin any chances of future happiness, a small town and a sort of meet-cute that develops into something deep very quickly. 

I am definitely going to pick up the next book in the series because I want to know more about Matt, a hot cop with tattoos. 


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