Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just Around the Corner?

I know there are those people who hate even thinking about Christmas months ahead. I remember my undergrad roommate didn't want to listen to Christmas songs until the end of November, which was a challenge for me because I could start blasting Christmas songs the moment my summer holiday ends.

As those of you who have been frequenting my blog for an extended period of time might know, I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES (I think last year I shared reviews for about 20 Christmas/Holiday movies). Though there are a lot of things to love about the holiday season, like the food, gifts, etc. Christmas movies have to be on top of the list for me alongside spending time with my family.

So while Christmas might be still quite far away (150 days to be exact!) I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. In addition to watching a lot of the TV movies released yearly, these are the ones I try to watch every single holiday season if possible.

Jingle All the Way is far from a cinematic masterpiece, but growing up, I really thought it was one. I remember this was one of those movies they showed on TV every single Christmas, and it was a movie my whole family was able to enjoy together. This probably caters best to the 90s crowd, those who see it as an emblem of nostalgia.

Love Actually is a movie my bought for me for Christmas one year because I used to collect Hugh Grant movies (I was obsessed with Notting Hill when I was like 10). I love the multiple storylines, the romance and humor. A film shown on TV almost every Christmas (at least where I live), so it is easy to catch it up during the Holiday season.

It's a Wonderful Life is a true Christmas movie classic and probably the best Christmas movie ever made. James Stewart is absolutely fabulous in this one, and though I know what happens in it, I do cry every single time I see it.

The Polar Express is so good that it makes my list of all-time favorite animations! I love the music, animated Tom Hanks, and the magic of this story. There are a lot of good Christmas animations around, but I think this one is the absolutely best one!

A Christmas Kiss is a film I came across in a kind of strange way. I was sitting in an airplane on my way back from Edinburgh to Finland for the holidays, and I saw a girl next to me watching it from her iPad. Because I am shy and didn't want to seem stalkerish, I didn't ask her what film it was, but tried to remember visuals of it, so I could find it later. After a brief Google session, I found what I was looking for and ended up watching the film. A Christmas Kiss is a cute, romantic, fairly short Christmas movie that caters best probably to those who like romantic comedies/dramas and who don't look down their nose on made-for-TV movies. I think I have seen this a total of 5 times now and I am already looking forward to my yearly rewatch (or two).

I love everything and anything to do with royal characters (thanks to The Princess Diaries), so when I first heard about A Princess for Christmas I knew I had to see it ASAP (I think I watched it for the first time in September just because I couldn't wait for the Holiday season). A woman travels to a small European country with her nephew and niece and meets a charming prince (played by Outlander's Sam Heughan). What more could you ask for?

Holiday Inn is the most recent addition to my list because I saw it for the first time during last year's holiday season. It has a great cast, catchy songs and while some of the content might be quite aged and questionable, it is a charming product of it's time that managed to make me feel the holiday spirit!

The Shop Around the Corner might be familiar to those of you who have seen You've Got Mail, because the storyline is pretty much the same (You've Got Mail is based on a Hungarian play that was the basis for this movie as well), only in this one they send letters instead of emails. James Stewart is, once again, absolutely charming and I always love the storyline featuring people who first can't stand each other slowly falling in love.

There are a number of other films I could have included here, but once the holiday season gets closer, I will share more Christmas related content, like previews/reviews of the 2016 Hallmark Christmas movies! 

If you are like me and already thinking about Christmas and everything that comes with it, you should definitely check out Paperless Post and their awesome selection of Christmas cards. I am loving the photo Christmas cards (I totally want to make so featuring my dog) + the Online Christmas cards option seems like one that could be very useful too! There are TONS of beautiful template options to choose from and I'm sure everyone can find the kind of style they're looking for!

NOTE: I do realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas/the Holiday season and while this post is clearly targeted for Christmas, it is just my own point-of-view and in no way a generalization of what I think everyone should do on December 25th.


  1. I love Christmas movies too!! Love Actually is one of my very favorites. And I watched Jingle All The Way last year for the first time in awhile. I haven't seen any of these others actually! Maybe this year :) A few of my other favorites are Elf, Just Friends, White Christmas, the cartoon Grinch, Muppet Family Christmas, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and The Mistle-Tones! Super cute movie that I watched on Netflix last year :)

    1. Elf is SO FUNNY and I totally should have included to this list. :)
      White Christmas is a classic I believe I haven't seen (at least I don't remember seeing it), so it definitely is one my watchlist for this year's holiday season.


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