Wednesday, June 8, 2016

National Best Friend Day: Favorite TV and Film Besties

Friends are awesome and fictional friendships are often the heart of any given show or film. In honor of the National Best Friend Day I wanted to share some of my favorite besties from a variety of television shows and films. 

Thought I love the romantic relationships in Parks and Recreation, for me, that show is really all about the friendships. This post features two of them, but there are so many other ones that could have been listed here (like Donna and Tom, for example). Ann and Leslie complement each other in so many ways - they encourage each other to be brave, they support each other, they dream together. It is the friendship between these two that keeps pulling me back to this show again and again.

I don't think one could make a list like this without including this trio here. I grew up with these guys and I will forever be grateful for all the magic, love and bravery.

They are a mother and a daughter, but they are also best friends! Though they both have best friends in the show that are closer to their ages (Sookie and Lane), at the end of the day Gilmore Girls is really all about them. I cannot wait to see how the revival deepens this relationship.

I mean, do I even have to explain myself?

These two make me swoon! They have completely different personalities, but they have supported each other since college through all kinds of ups and downs.

The West Wing is probably the best television drama ever made and Jed and Leo are just so freaking hilarious together! The trust between these two is something to aim for.

These ladies crack me up. I really started watching The Golden Girls only about a year ago and I was instantly able to identify with all of these ladies in some ways. I love Blache's open attitude towards sexuality and dating, Dorothy's sarcasm, Sophie's wittiness and Rose's silliness as well as her "hidden" intelligence. If I were to name the character that is most like me, it would definitely be Blanche.

Now and Then is such a great movie and these four gals are freaking awesome! Though I definitely identify with Sam the most, both in the childhood and adulthood narratives, all of these girls have something that I think all girls and women can identify with.

Chris and Ben are freaking adorable together and could be used as the dictionary definition for "bromance".

Which fictional besties do you count as your favorites?

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