Friday, June 17, 2016

Midmonth Obsessions (#9) - June 2016

How it is even possible that it is already the middle of June? I am not quite sure how to feel about this... to avoid a crisis rant about the fact that summer is running out, I will just tell you some of my obsessions from the last month.

Some of you might remember that I just posted about a Parks and Recreation rewatch a few months ago... Well, I finished with that rewatch a while ago and I am not rewatching this show again (for the third time in 2016). I know, I know... why do I keep watching it again and again? The thing is - this show is the happiest show on earth and sometimes I just need some happiness and familiarity to my life and watching this show gives me that. These characters feel like my family and the humor just gets better and better every time.

The age of miracles is not over - I ACTUALLY HAVE A BOOK ON MY FAVORITES LIST THIS MONTH. I got All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood for review from Netgalley and oh my, I can tell you that you definitely need this to your lives once it releases in August! It is ugly, wonderful, engaging, beautifully written and filled with interesting characters. Once I started it I had a really hard time putting it down.

Every year when summer rolls around I put together a summer playlist for my biking trips (I use my bicycle pretty much daily so music is essential!). In addition to old favorites, like pretty much everything by Keith Urban, there is quite a bit of DNCE on my list this year. I was a huge Jonas Brothers fan and Joe was always my favorite, so it is nice seeing him doing something new after the trio split.

Just today after a long period of pondering I FINALLY bought by very first pair of Converse in beautiful peach color. I usually never get excited about stuff like this, but I am very excited about this addition to my wardrobe. And I got them in a really good sale (like half price of what they usually are) which is ALWAYS a bonus.

I have listed Sam Hunt as an obsession before, but oh well... His music makes really good summer/bicycling music, so this is why he is hear. I am pretty sure this guy could be my dream guy if it weren't for the champion in my next obsession picture...

WE GOT THE CUP! WE GOT THE CUP! WE GOT THE CUP! I am still not over the feeling of winning! PITTSBURGH PENGUINS - STANLEY CUP WINNERS 2016! I got up at like 3 am to watch the games and it was SO WORTH IT! The team went through a lot this season and in addition to seeing my babe/dream husband/an actual Disney prince Sidney Crosby lifting the cup gloriously to the air with his strong arms, we Finns had a chance to add a new addition to the list of Finnish Stanley Cup winners. 

Have you read any good books recently?
What's on your summer playlist?
Which shows do you keep going back to again and again?
And if you are a hockey fan, which team do you think should have won the cup? 


  1. Converse are my favorite :) I actually need a new pair myself. I will have to check out All the Ugly and Wonderful Things!

    1. I have been meaning to buy a pair for years and finally caved in. I am usually one for really cheap pairs of sneakers, but I am hoping Converse will last a little bit longer.

      All the Ugly and Wonderful Things is not the type of book I would normally read as an ARC (usually I never pick anything else but YA titles for review), but I am happy I did take the plunge with it because it was absolutely fantastic!


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