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"I Just Love Television So Much" (#2): In defense of Logan Huntzberger

With the Gilmore Girls revival getting closer and closer, the question of with whom Rory is going to end up with is on the lips of many, if not all fans of the show. Is there going to be a new guy in her life? Does she even have to end up with a guy for the show to be satisfying? Which one of her significant others from the original seven seasons should she be endgame with?

Within the book community, there are a lot of Gilmore Girls fans with a lot of opinions about Rory and her boyfriends. The sweetheart of the bookish community, and of fans of GG at large, seems to be Jess Mariano, the slightly angsty (yes, I said it!), bookish nephew of Luke. While I was able to see why adult-Jess could tickle someone's fancy, the brooding angsty bad boy vibe of his teen years just didn't do it for me. I love the fact that he is bookish and challenges Rory intellectually in a way Dean is never able to do, but the handsome poetry writing adult version of him came a little too late for me, because at that point I was already in love with someone else. I was in love with Logan Huntzberger and the idea of seeing him and Rory as endgame.

I love talking about Gilmore Girls and as a result of often being in the minority when it comes to Rory's boyfriends, more often than not I have found myself delivering a passionate soliloquy about my love for Logan and why I think he is the perfect boyfriend for Rory from the guys introduced in the show. Before I go into my "defense" portion of his post and introduce the three arguments about Logan I've come to face most often, I want to say one thing. I am not, in particular, anti-Jess. I am just against the idea that Rory and Jess should be endgame, because at the end of the day, I think Logan is the *RIGHT ONE* for Rory. Also, please note that these are only my opinions and I AM MORE THAN WILLING to engage in a conversation about these points!

Now that this intro is out of the way, here are the three arguments I've heard most often being used in arguments about why Logan is not the right guy for Rory. I have come across these arguments in social media, in face-to-face conversations, etc. There are obviously many more things that have been said about this, but these are the ones I most often want to provide arguments for in defense of Logan:

1. It is because of Logan that Rory gets in trouble

It is easy to point a finger at Logan and blame him for some of the things Rory goes through (the boat theft, the following community service, taking a break from college) because all of those events take place at Yale. After Rory moves away from home and to Yale, her life obviously changes A LOT and one of those big changes comes in the form of Logan, a guy arguably very different from the guys Rory has been dating previously.

While I am not a fan of change in general, the way Rory evolves as she goes to college and meets Logan is one of my favorite parts of the show. The Rory we meet in Stars Hollow is one who is loved by everyone, one who seems to be smarter than anyone else, one that seems incapable of making mistakes. Everyone loves and cherishes her, she is literally the perfect small town girl. When she goes to Yale she is challenged academically in a way she has never been challenged before, and alongside the academic challenges come social challenges. She is not instantly recognized as the small town sweetheart. Though her ties with Stars Hollow stay very strong, in some ways she has a chance to reinvent herself.

For Logan, Rory represents a type of woman he usually does not associate himself with. She represents a challenge for him. She makes him grow up and realize that the life he leads might not be the best solution long term. At first he is introduced as this rich boy playboy who does not do the whole "girlfriend/boyfriend" thing, but as a result of spending time with Rory he realizes that there actually might be someone out there worth changing his habits for. The way they go through a lot of stuff together is one of the most interesting aspects of the show for me and I love that their relationship seems much stronger than the teenager love Rory has with Dean or somewhat forbidden/secret love she has with Jess.

While Logan might play a role in situations that cause problems for Rory (the boat theft), I think it would be silly to say that Logan is the cause for them. He does not force her to steal the boat. He is there, but it feels like he goes along with Rory just to make sure she is okay. Rory is capable of making her own decisions and in that situation her decision is wrong. But what makes me appreciate Rory is the fact that she is willing to pay for her actions - her rich grandparents and boyfriend probably could have helped her to get rid of the charges, but she stands up and admits that she made a mistake.

Logan's father, who is a complete asshole, plays a role in causing problems for Rory, but can you blame a son for the mistakes and ass-fuckery his father engages in? I don't think so! Logan's relationship with his father isn't the greatest, and while I am sure he would stand up for Rory, he understands that it is her fight to fight and that his involvement might just make things turn for worse. He does storm out of a family dinner when his family treats Rory wrong though, which I think was pretty awesome of him. Mitchum and his words probably play the biggest role in Rory dropping off from Yale for a while and while Logan supports Rory's decision, he is very aware of the fact that idle life of hanging out in the pool house might is not the perfect fit for Rory. But he let's Rory see what being away from Yale is doing to her and supports her in her decisions.

I think arguing that Logan causes problems for Rory is a too hasty argument to make! And when you think about it, also Jess and Dean (THE WORST) cause her plenty of problems and heartbreak. In the end, one of the reasons why I love Logan so much is the fact that I see a completely different side to Rory when the they are together, a side that is much more than just her sweetheart image that people in Stars Hollow know.

ALSO, can you imagine the pre-Yale Rory going to a random secret society trip and jumping with umbrellas from high up?

2. Logan is the reason for the drift between Rory and Lorelai

This argument can be connected to the first argument. If you think Logan made Rory steal that boat, then you can blame Logan for Rory's community service, for her decision to drop out of school and move to live with Richard and Emily and thus for the drift between Rory and Lorelai, which is probably one of the most tragic storylines in Gilmore Girls (next to Lorelai and Chris's marriage, but let's not even go there...)

Once you start to think about this argument more, you probably come to realize that Logan actually tries to help Rory to realize that the drift between her and her mother is not good. But if you see Logan as the cause for Rory's problems, it is very easy to start to see him as a cause for all of the things that go unplanned in Rory's life, of which the disagreement with her mother is an example of.

While I hate the silence that falls between Rory and Lorelai, I think it is essential for the show because it makes both of the characters grow and evolve A LOT. Rory learns more about herself and makes decisions regarding her future probably for the first time without the assistance of her mother while Lorelai tries to live on without the love of her life, her daughter. The moment they finally unite is one of the most beautiful moments of the show and I think that they both know that no one else but their shared stubborness was to blame for the drift to begin with, not Logan, not Richard and Emily.

3. Logan is keeping Jess and Rory from happening

Once again, I think we should give credit for Rory and acknowledge that SHE IS ABLE TO MAKE HER OWN DECISIONS WITHOUT THE HELP OF A GUY. Yes, without Logan there might have been a chance for Jess and Rory to reunite, but I think, at the end of the day, by the time they meet again, they realize they have grown up and cannot give each other what they need at that point in time. Like Dean, Jess is part of Rory's past, but as a result of growing up, she has started to look for different things, for something that Logan can give her.

Like probably every Gilmore Girls fan out there I am curious to see how Rory's love life is represented in the revival. There are so many things I am excited to see, from Emily's life after the passing of Richard to the relationship of Luke and Lorelai, but at the end of the day, the revival, for me, will mostly be about Rory and her life as a "grown up". After reading this it probably comes as no surprise to you that I think Rory should end up with Logan in the revival. If Logan and Rory are not endgame, I guess I could do with Jess, but that would have to be WRITTEN VERY WELL TO MAKE SENSE FOR ME. Dean better keep his hands off Rory...

This post has been an attempt by me to collect together some of the reasons why I love Logan. Obviously, when it comes to something as serious as Gilmore Girls (I am not being sarcastic - I AM VERY INVOLVED WITH THIS SHOW), everyone has their own opinions and those might be very difficult to change, which is completely fine and understandable. I have been Team Logan from the very beginning and I will be Team Logan til the very end (those who are eventually responsible for my gravestone probably should engrave "Member of Team Logan" to it in addition to other merits).

The reason I wanted to write this post is because I feel like Logan often gets bad rep. I also love writing about Logan and Rory, so writing this was actually fun. Finally, I would like to say that my love for Logan always comes back to the fact that he is really the one who makes Rory experience "real love" - love that is not perfect, love that comes with its flaws, love that is so strong that it is able to see past the problems and mistakes in order to keep going. I haven't found love like that yet, but I definitely wouldn't mind finding it with a guy like Logan. 

And hey, if none of those guys will do, I think they should bring back this hunk and make Rory fall in love with him... (yes, I know he is Lane's guy, but a girl can dream)

What do you hope to see in the Gilmore Girls revival? Are you Team Jess or Team Logan?

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