Sunday, June 26, 2016

Best of far (#4): Television

Yesterday I shared with you some of my favorite books from the first half of 2016. Now it is time to talk about television. Like with films, I will only count shows that I have started watching this year since if I were to list shows that I have continued watching in 2016 this list would be VERY long. So new-to-me shows only.

I started watching Six Feet Under just a few weeks ago, but I am listing it here as a favorite because I know that by the time I finish with it, it will most likely be one of my favorite shows ever! The cast, the way it is written and the drama of it all work so well together! No wonder this show is considered to be a classic and referenced SO OFTEN in television studies academia.

Okay, Grandfathered was no masterpiece, but I found it really entertaining and I'm sad it's not coming back in the fall. John Stamos is such a babe and the cast around him worked really well together. As I said, not a comedic masterpiece, but one that was fun to watch. If you are looking for a comedy to binge on, give this one a go!

OKAY, THIS SHOW IS FREAKING PERFECTION! I saw everyone talking about this on Twitter and finally caved in and started watching it. I wasn't able to stop until I reached the end. They better make more of this because I need to see how the relationship between Phryne and Jack develops. If you are looking at one of those shows that teases a perfect romance in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, watch this. The chemistry is SIZZLING.

I still have about a season to watch of this, but like with Six Feet Under, I already know this one will be one of my all-time favorites. I love Kristen Bell and even though I never expected I would fall for Logan after seeing the first few episodes, it happened.

I am a massive Full House fan so obviously I was very excited about the Netflix "reboot" Fuller House. According to critics Fuller House was a massive failure, but I think the fans (like me) loved it because they are doing season 2 now. Full House has always been one of those shows which I can just put on and feel happy, and Fuller House was exactly like that for me as well.

You're the Worst is described as "not your typical romantic comedy" and I think that description fits pretty well with the show. It is about a young couple who are not ready for the cliche love-story despite the fact that they are clearly so into each other. The way this one tackled depression was done, in my opinion, very well and I can't wait to see how this continues!

This show is a freaking national treasure! Humor, romance and some of the best songs I've ever heard all in one! Also, a bisexual male character who is given an actual storyline and a happy relationship. I am in awe of this show and cannot wait for season 2 to start.


  1. I just watched Six Feet Under lady month and loved it. Like my favorite show all time loved it. That finale was amazing . You're the Worst and Crazy Ex Girlfriend are on my to watch list . Fuller House is over my husband and I watch when they're is nothing else on. Total nostalgia!

    1. I have finished with season 1 now and I really want to watch more - I have just fell into rewatching Parks and Recreation AGAIN (third time this year...)
      Fuller House is perfection, just for the reason that it manages to always make me feel really happy - just like Full House.


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