Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 Love-A-Thon: Mix and Match

Mix and Match is the very first mini challenge for the 2016 Love-a-Thon! Though we all love books (duh, book blogs), the mission for this challenge is to feature some other things we're passionate about. The challenge: Mash-up a non-bookish hobby/passion/talent/fandom with your bookish life. For more information about this challenge and to find the link-up for this challenge, check out Stay Bookish!

I'm a film graduate and currently working on my master's degree, which is very much focused on television studies. I have been obsessed with television shows ever since I can remember, but my studies have made me into a binge watcher, and maybe more importantly, an academic/analytical watcher of television.

I love TV shows that mention books, or focus on books in some way, so I thought that for this mix and match post, I would feature some of my favorite bookish characters from some of my favorite TV shows.

Rory Gilmore is probably the queen of bookish TV characters. This Buzzfeed list featuring all books featured in Gilmore Girls includes 339 books, and there are challenges for going through this list around the Internet. You can see Rory with a book in several Gilmore Girls episodes, and I think her general attitude towards awesomeness of books and reading is something all bookish people can relate with.

Though Criminal Minds is not something I would typically watch, Spencer Reid is one of the reasons I want to keep watching. He seems to know everything about everything, and there is just something so damn likable about him. I thought the quote featured in this picture of him is something that a lot of book bloggers can relate with, since sometimes "only five books" per week can feel a bit disappointing.

Daria can be accounted as partly being responsible for my sarcasm! Not only is she insanely funny and outspoken, she also loves books and would rather stay in for the night with a good book than go out with people she cannot really relate with.

Leslie Knope is one of my favorite TV characters of all time, and in Parks and Recreation, she is known for her love for Harry Potter - she payed a $120 tuition to Hogwarts to get a wand and a diploma, she made her best friend Ann watch through a complete set of Harry Potter films and when discussing Twilight, she admits that she's more of a Harry Potter girl.

Donna is another awesome bookish character from Parks and Recreation, who is not afraid to admit her love for Twilight! She also has tendency to enjoy everything paranormal, and definitely won't shy away from steamy romances either, like can be seen from the picture.

If I would have had more time, this list definitely would have included characters like Ben from Parks and Recreation, President Bartlett from The West Wing and Liza from Younger. But for now, these will do.

Who are some of your favorite bookish characters from TV and/or films?


  1. Love your taken to the challenge! :)

  2. I love this post! I LOVE Rory and I love her love for books! Probably one of my favorite things about Gilmore Girls. Spencer Reid is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorite characters from TV. (And also one of my main reasons for watching Criminal Minds!)
    I love the graphics! Great post! :D
    Stephanie @ My Bookish Itinerary

  3. Can we please talk about how adorable your graphics are for this post? Because they're great! Also, I love that you chose to feature bookish characters. I've never watched Gilmore Girls in full, but I've always wanted to. I guess I should really get on that, since they're releasing another season (?) on Netflix soon! ;)

  4. You have so many great characters on this list! I'm currently watching Gilmore Girls now for the first time (I'm up to season 4) and I love Rory so much!! Leslie Knoppe is also one of my favorite tv characters of all time! I feel like she's my spirit animal and she and Ben are PERFECT together! I also really love Daria! I used to always sneak watching it when I was younger and my parents wouldn't let me watch MTV lol!

  5. Love this idea, and your edits for each character are so cute! I focused on music for my Mix & Match post.

  6. I love this post! Some of my all-time favorite shows (and a few I need to start). Donna and Twilight was sooo funny. Parks & Rec is the best!


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