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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #7) - Charming Christmas

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Charming Christmas (2015)
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie
Starring Julie Benz, David Sutcliffe

Because I really dislike David Sutcliffe (I'm sorry David, but I will never be able to see you as anything else but crappy Christopher from Gilmore Girls), my hopes for liking this one weren't really high. I guess I was right to expect very little from it, because I was SO BORED while watching this one I ended up spending more time looking at my phone than this film playing in the background.

Meredith (Julie Benz) is a business-minded daughter of a department-store owning couple who is dedicated to franchise her family's store so her parents can retire and she can take over the business. The holiday season is fast approaching, so she has Dollar signs flashing in her eyes, expecting big-time Christmas sales. When her parents want her to bring back an old tradition of having a Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in the store for the kids to meet, she agrees, but only because her parents promise that they will seriously think about franchising the business and allowing Meredith to take over.

Nick (David Sutcliffe) is a Christmas-loving enigma of a man. When he is hired to play the Santa in the department store for the Christmas period, the wishes of the other employees suddenly start to come true, and people start to believe that maybe Nick really has some sort of connection to Santa Claus himself (because yes, in Hallmark films adults tend to always believe in Santa Claus). The paths of Nick and Meredith obviously cross, and while spending time with Nick, Meredith starts to realize that maybe there actually are more important things in life than business and profits.

In addition to the story focused on Nick and Meredith, the film introduces character such as Jessie (Ashley Leggat, pictured above) who is struggling to plan a perfect Christmas for her young son and Olivia (Vanessa Matsui), an ex-Broadway dancer who needs to make decisions that could affect her marriage. For an hour and twenty minutes, the inclusion of three (or more likely four) quite major storylines to the film just feels like a very forced attempt to touch as varied audiences as possible, and as a result of that the film becomes very incoherent. None of the characters are established very well, and only the surface is scratched within all of the relationships in focus. 

I never except much deepness for these films, but this one was just plain bad. It is boring, doesn't really have that cheesy kind of Christmas spirit I love about Hallmark films, and the cast is just very bland and unimpressive. 

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