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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #6) - One Starry Christmas

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Happy Holidays!

One Starry Christmas (2014)
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie
Starring Sarah Carter (Holly), Damon Runyan (Luke), Paul Popowich (Adam)

One Starry Christmas, one of the films of the 2014 Hallmark Holiday films is one I rewatched this year just because I enjoyed it so much the first time around. 

Holly (Sarah Carter) is a brand new doctor of astronomy and running for a prestigious astronomy grant. When her boyfriend leaves her alone for Christmas due to work engagements, Holly decides to book tickets to the Big Apple so she can surprise him and her family for Christmas. On her way to New York on bus, she meets Luke (Damon Runyan), a Texas ranch owner and an occasional rodeo-driver on his way to New Jersey for a rodeo. When their bus breaks, they rent a car and ride to New York together. 

I think Holly is one of the first scholar-ly Hallmark characters I've come across with. Hallmark characters are usually something like wedding planners or flower shop owners, so as an aspiring academic it was refreshing to see an academic in a Hallmark film. 

I loved the scenes between Holly and her parents. Especially Holly's father adds a little bit of humor to the film (his obsessions with cowboys is kind of adorable). There's also a sweet father-daughter moment towards the end of the film that I really loved (since I cannot have father-daughter moments myself, I love seeing them in films and TV). 

Holly's boyfriend Adam is a douche, but I think that is necessity narratively, since the point is for the viewer to fall in love with Luke, the sweet Ranch-owner/Cowboy from Texas. And oh my, it definitely wasn't difficult for me to fall in love with him. 

My love for Southern guys has become bit of a running joke with some of my friends. I am not sure what it is in Southern guys that drives me crazy (in a good way), but there's just something special about them. I love the accent, but it's also just the way they are (at least in fiction). Luke is extremely gentlemanly and kind, but he is also confident and seems to know that he is charming. I am kind of obsessed with his outfits and just the little things he says and does to show Holly that he cares. 

One Starry Christmas is predictable and cheesy, but is also extremely sweet, romantic and actually quite funny. There's also a great music scene in the film, which I think is a rarity when it comes to Hallmark films. If you like Southern guys/cowboys like me, this is a must see for you!

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