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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #4) - Holiday High School Reunion (aka Christmas Crush)

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Holiday High School Reunion (also known as Christmas Crush)
Lifetime Original Movie
Starring Rachel Boston (Georgia), Jonathan Bennett (Ben)

I can’t remember the last time I was this frustrated by a film. This had the ingredients for a decent romantic comedy, but what it really ends up being is a complete and utter mess.

28-year-old Georgia travels to her home town for Christmas and finds out that her high school class is going to have a reunion. In high school, George was the popular one – captain of the cheerleading squad and the glee club, voted most likely to succeed and the girlfriend of the football star Craig. But her life after high school hasn’t been quite what she expected, and she comes up with lies to hide her reality. At the reunion she meets her old best friend Ben, a guy that seems to be connected to all of her best high school memories.

The way this film relies of stereotypes is kind of ridiculous. Characters like Craig and Georgia’s friend Tory are such badly written caricatures of stereotypical characters found from every single teen movie. Watching mean girls can be fun if they are well written, but when they are just catty and jealous and horribly written, you just feel like you are wasting your time.

The idea of a high school reunion got me interested about this one, mainly because those kind of events are often extremely suitable for drama and comedy. I have a high school reunion coming up next year, but honestly, I would rather eat pieces of glass than go to that event. If there would be a guy like Ben for me waiting there, I probably would consider of going though.

Ben is the one who made it worth watching this film to the end. He is the kind of guy I would give a lot for. He is kind, funny, loving and charming, and because of that, I was so frustrated that Georgia cannot see the perfection right in front of her. Of course I knew that they will end up together in the end, but I really wanted to kick her in the head multiple times during this film. And while I am always content about happy endings, the way Georgia treats Ben made me feel like she does not really deserve her.

There are some ridiculous stylistic choices used in this film and a couple of trainwreck musical performances that just made me cringe. All in all, not even Jonathan Bennett’s Ben can save this wreck of a film I definitely won’t be adding to my go-to Christmas movie list.

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