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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #3) - Cookie Cutter Christmas

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A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014)
A Hallmark Original Movie
Starring Erin Krakow (Christie), David Haydn-James (James), Miranda Frigon (Penny)

I really like Erin Krakow and I think she has been great in several Hallmark films, but unfortunately I cannot really say that I enjoyed this film that much. I just have a difficult time connecting with plots that has two women jealously fighting over something, especially if that something is a man.

Cookie Cutter Christmas centers around two elementary school teachers who have been rivals since they were eight years old. When a recently widowed man moves to the town with his daughter, the women enter into a cookie baking competition while at the same time competing for the affection of this new handsome townie.

Erin Krakow’s Christie is the “good” one out of the duo of teachers, while Penny, played by Miranda Frigon, is kind of seen as the villain. Since I had a very difficult time actually understanding the competition and the rivalry between these two women that kind of took the enjoyment out of this film for me. A little competition can be a good motivator, but competing over a little thing from childhood to adulthood just feels silly. And I will never understand women who turn on each other in competition for a man. 

Though the economical situations of these Hallmark film characters always feel slightly absurd, I couldn’t help but pay attention to the fact that these single elementary school teachers live in these mansion-like houses. I know teacher’s salaries are a joke in United States, so the idea that these women have the enormous houses on their own feels kind of unrealistic. I know I shouldn’t pay attention to things like these while watching Hallmark films, because the critic kind of spoils the fun, but since I had a very difficult time actually getting on board with the story of the film, I started to pay attention to “irrelevant” stuff.

David Haydn-Jones is okay and he has his moments of charm. I can’t remember seeing him in anything else before (Imdb search says that he was in one episode of Modern Family, but I cannot remember that one). The girl playing Haydn-Jones daughter is sweet and though I am not generally a huge fan of these TV movies that involved children in the plot, I wasn’t too bothered by her (I don’t mean to sound like a kid hater, I just really have a hard time connecting with romances that involve characters with children).

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