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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #12) - Best Christmas Party Ever

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Best Christmas Party Ever (2014)
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie
Starring Torrey DeVitto & Steve Lund

After I watched Christmas Incorporated, one of the films of the 2015 Countdown to Christmas lineup and fell in love with Steve Lund, I immediately dug out this one from the 2014 Holidays lineup. I remember skipping this last year mainly because I am not a huge fan of Torrey DeVitto (she has an annoying role in Pretty Little Liars and that has kind of left its mark on me), but I am happy I did watch it now, because I quite ended up enjoying it.

Jennie (DeVitto) is a party planner in New York. After her boss announces that she will retire after the holidays, Jennie starts to hope that it might be her time to take the lead in the company. When Nick (Steve Lund), Jennie's bosses nephew shows up, Jennie soon realizes that rather than being chosen to be the head of the company, she is supposed to help Nick to prepare for that position. When the two are given a project to plan a holiday party for a toy story that has been meaningful for Jennie since she was a child, they have to learn to work together. 

At the beginning it was quite difficult for me to adapt into seeing DeVitto in a role like this, because Jennie is very far away from Melissa, the girl she plays in PLL. The more I watched on, the more I started to like her. I think the plot is nice and simple enough for a movie that has a run time of under 90 minutes. There is no unnecessary drama or too many supporting characters, and I think the development of the relationship between Jennie and Nick is done quite well.

Okay... Let's talk about Steve Lund. This guy is so freaking handsome it is kind of unreal. I am pretty sure he could have chemistry with a piece of paper and I would still be swooning. In under 90 minutes, he managed to make me fall in love with Nick and hope that the film could be a little bit longer just so I could see a little bit more of him and his relationship with Jennie.

I was positively surprised of Best Christmas Party Ever and I have to admit I was prejudiced towards it just because I wasn't quite sure how I would like DeVitto. She and Steve Lund work well together and the chemistry between their characters is definitely there. If you are looking for a romantic Christmas film with a HOT HOT HOT male lead (or a beautiful female lead), definitely check this one out. 

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