Monday, December 14, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #10) - Christmas Incorporated

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Happy Holidays!

Christmas Incorporated (2015)
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie
Starring Shanae Grimes-Beech & Steve Lund

The gals of 90210 are making appearances left and right in this years Countdown to Christmas line up - first Shanae Grimes-Beech, who played Annie in Christmas Incorporated and later on Jessica Lowndes, who played Adriana, in Merry Matrimony. Since I used to be obsessed with that show back in the day, I am happy to see its beautiful cast members in a bit different kind of projects.

Christmas Incorporated starts with Riley (Grimes-Beech) looking for a job in New York City. After she is starting to lose hope of not being qualified enough for anything, she gets an interview to become an assistant for William Young, a famous business owner. Once she gets the job, she travels to a little New Hampshire town with William in order to come up with a solution to save the town's toy factory which is owned by William's company.

For the first 40 minutes or so I thought this film was just "meh" and nothing more. Grimes-Beech's role feels very similar to the one she has in 90210. I thought Steve Lund's William was just okay... But then a scene at an ice hall takes place and my thoughts change VERY quickly. Suddenly I was in love with William (and Steve Lund) and I started to watch this film with a new pair of eyes, so to speak (or with eyes covered with rose-colored lenses).

I am so weak when it comes to ice hockey and even a mention of it in this context managed to make my knees weak. As the film processes, the chemistry between Riley and William increases and managed to make me cry in the last few minutes of the film (I really cry over all of these films...). I love the small town setting and the people around, and especially the fact that though there are other plot lines in the story, essentially the film is about Riley and William and their struggles and eventual romance.

I will definitely add this one to my rewatch list as well, and I am now dying to watch Bitten because Steve Lund is on it....


  1. I am almost glad I don't have the Hallmark channel or I would watch it all the time!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Haha, I just watch them online - we don't have Hallmark in Finland. :( But since they are easy to find online, I definitely spend probably too much time on these :D


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