Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Film Review #1) - 'Tis the Season for Love

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'Tis the Season for Love (2015)
Hallmark Channel Original Movie - Countdown to Christmas
Starring Sarah Lancaster (Beth), Brendan Penny (Dean), Gwynyth Walsh (Shirley)

What a strong and promising start for the Hallmark Holiday Season 2015. I absolutely loved this one and was able to connect with it in a personal level.

After finishing with high school, Beth left her small hometown to live her dreams in New York. But her dreams of Broadway stardom didn’t go quite as the planned. Everyone in New York seemed to have the same dreams with her, and she never got her big break. Years later, her roommate gives her a plane ticket so spend her holidays at home, and for the first time since high school, she comes face to face with people from her past – her old boyfriend, her friend from drama class, and a guy she used to spend time with in high school, but who was never more than that for her. Now she is looking at everything with a new perspective, and she starts to realize that after all, maybe her hometown actually is the place for her to be.

I felt like Beth is such a great character who felt much more real than many of the other Hallmark female leads. I absolutely loved the relationship between her and her mother and her process of finding her true home. As someone who couldn’t wait to leave my home after graduation high school for university in a different country, I was able to relate to Beth and the feelings she goes through. After years abroad, I have started to perceive my home in a whole new way, and I feel like that is something Beth goes through as well.

The development of the relationship between Beth and Dean is very predictable, but nevertheless sweet. Dean is such a great (and good looking) guy, and I really was able to root for their relationship from the first moment they are seen on screen together.

In true Hallmark fashion, there of course are clich├ęs here. But while in some of these films those are the only things I really remember in the end, in this one the characters, the story and the way it made me feel will be the things that I remember when thinking about this one later on. I just hope that the other Hallmark films for this holiday season are as good as this one, because I REALLY enjoyed this one.

‘Tis the Season is a romantic, sweet and uplifting Christmas film that will definitely get a spot on my rewatch list for the Holiday season.

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