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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Book Review) - Christmas in Silver Bell Falls by Samantha Chase

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year celebrates Christmas and the Holiday season through Christmas related posts.
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year will run from the 1st of December to the 25th!
Happy Holidays!

Release date: October 1, 2015
Author links: Goodreads - Twitter - Website
Publisher: CreateSpace/Chasing Romance Inc.
Pages: 144
Purchase links: Amazon - Book Depository - Adlibris

Description (from Goodreads):

Her attitude is less than merry and bright…

Melanie Harper and Christmas do not see eye to eye. While most people celebrate and look forward to the holidays, it's something she has come to dread. When she receives a gift from an unlikely source - a house in the quaint town of Silver Bell Falls - her immediate reaction is to reject it. After all, with a name like that, you're pretty much guaranteed to be surrounded by people who love Christmas!

He sees it as the most wonderful time of the year…

Josiah Stone is all about peace on earth and goodwill toward man. Maybe it's because he's the sheriff of a town named after a beloved Christmas song, but that doesn't make it any less true. Christmas is his favorite time of year and living in Silver Bell Falls where everyone feels the same and celebrates it nearly year-round only adds to his festive outlook on life.

Can a white Christmas change everything?

When Melanie is forced to stay in Silver Bell Falls during the actual holiday season, she's less than thrilled. But after meeting the sexy sheriff she finds that there is something to be said about the magic of Christmas. 

Samantha Chase is a new author for me and Christmas in Silver Bell Falls was my very first touch to her writing. Christmas in Silver Bell Falls proved to a be quick, sweet and romantic holiday read perfect to be read while sipping on hot chocolate or eggnog. 

Ever since her mother walked out her life around Christmas time, Melanie has hated everything to do with Christmas. She feels like all bad things that have happened to her have happened around Christmas time, and as years have gone by, Christmas has become a nuisance and just like any other normal day in her life. When she inherits a cabin from her estranged grandmother from a town called Silver Bell Falls, she knows that for some who hates Christmas, a place with a name like that could be only torture.

Josiah is the young sheriff of Silver Bell Falls. He was born and raised in the little town, and he cannot really imagine living anywhere else. For years, he has been living in a "tiny house" on the lands of an old lady with a cabin. When he sees a car parked in front of the cabin one night after coming from work, he senses that something is not right. He goes into his sheriff mode and busts in and comes face to face with Melanie, the granddaughter of the cabin owner he never knew about. 

After the initial shock of their meeting, Melanie tells Josiah about the rules set my her grandmother's will - as long as Melanie spends three months in Silver Bell Falls, she is free to sell the cabin after that. Josiah is a willing buyer and they decide that after three months, the cabin will be his. Things start to get complicated when the two starts to fall for each other, knowing that the time set for their relationship is very quickly running out.

As I mentioned, Christmas in Silver Bell Falls was a very quick read, as a result of which, it can feel a bit rushed. The relationship between Melanie and Josiah forms quite quickly and in general, things fall together quite easily. But when it comes to Christmas books and stories, that is exactly what I want. I want something easy to read, something sweet, something heartwarming and something that puts me in a good mood. Christmas in Silver Bell Falls managed to do all those things. It is essentially the story of Melanie and how she learns to see Christmas in a new light, and I think her character development was quite well established within the novel. I wish there would have been a bit more description of Josiah, because while I liked him, he never really made me swoon. 

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas in Silver Bell Falls. If you are looking for a cute and sweet Christmas story, I definitely recommend checking this out.

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