Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Midmonth Obsessions (#3) - December 2015

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THIS YEAR IS ALMOST OVER? I know this sounds completely cliche, but I cannot believe how quickly time flies past. The first year of my postgraduate studies is done, which sees crazy, especially since last year this time I never believed I would get a postgrad position. I am living in a new city (though I am not back home for holidays) and getting used a lot of new stuff, and though I generally hate change, I am really happy right now.

If this is your first time stumbling into my midmonth obsessions post, welcome! For the past two months, I have shared some things I have been enjoying during the last 30 days or so here in my blog to give you a glimpse of the things I like beyond books. If you are interested to see what I was obsessed with in October and November, click the names of the months in order to be directed to those posts.

1. Serial season 2

In case you have missed by multiple posts mentioning how much I loved Serial, you might not realize how excited I actually am about the fact that the second season of Serial is here! Unlike season 1, which focused on a murder and the following investigation, season 2 focuses on a military story, in particular the events surrounding Bowe Bergdahl, his five years in Afghanistan and the events that have followed his return to US. 

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed when I heard that season 2 would not focus on a murder investigation, but after listening to the first episode, I have to take back my disappointment because man, I AM VERY VERY VERY INTRIGUED! 

It is completely fine to jump to the bandwagon with Serial even if you haven't listened to season 1, but as a huge fan of the first season, I definitely recommend you do that if you are even a little bit interested about true crime stories. 

2. The trailer for Netflix's Making a Murderer

The trailer gives me vibes that remind me to the absolutely brilliant The Staircase (IF YOU LIKE TRUE CRIME, YOU NEED TO SEE IT!)
I actually had no idea that this was coming up so soon, but I am not complaining, and definitely already making plans to watch the whole thing (10 episodes!) on the 18th. 

3. Netflix's The Master of None

I love Aziz Ansari and I absolutely loved this show! He is brilliant in Parks and Recreation, but I would like to think he is a bit more like himself in this one. The show is absolutely hilarious, but there are also some really poignant moments in the mix there, for example to do with relationships between parents and adult children. 

If you are a fan of Aziz in Parks and Rec or of his stand-up, you definitely should check this one up! 

4. You're the Worst

I kept seeing this show mentioned repeatedly on my Twitter timeline, and though I was kind of hesitant about starting yet another show, I am happy that I gave this a chance, because I really have been enjoying it! The humor and the content kind of remind me to Broad City, which is awesome! 

5. When Calls the Heart

I watched Hallmark's film When Calls the Heart a while ago, just to see Stephen Amell in something else than Arrow and somehow ended up watching Hallmark's original show inspired the film and this series of novels. I never expected to like this show, but alas, I LOVE IT! If you are a fan of slow-burning romances and frustrating romantic encounters, THIS SHOW IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU.

Also, if you like men in uniform, you definitely should see Mountie Jack, because I mean.... SO FREAKING HOT!

6. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer


What have you been obsessed with in the past month or so? 

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  1. We just started to watch Masters of None and will probably put it on when we have nothing else to go to . I do love Aziz so i will give it more of a shot. I am excited about Making a Murderer too. I have been obsessed with Transparent and Jessica Jones!


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