Monday, November 16, 2015

Midmonth Obsessions (#2) - November 2015

It is time for the second midmonth obsessions post! My first midmonth obsessions post was posted on 15th of October, and it is now time to share my obsessions/loves/interests since there. If you want to see what I had on October's list, you can find it from here.

Do you like Gilmore Girls? Do you like comedy? If you answer 'yes' to both, you definitely should check out the Gilmore Guys podcast, hosted by Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe. Every episode of the podcast is focused on a particular episode(s) Gilmore Girls (the start by doing a podcast per episode, but eventually start to combine episodes together) and the guys discuss everything from pop culture references to outfits and their favorite quotes. Once in a while, they go pretty heavily off topic, but that doesn't really matter, because they are hilarious. I decided to listen to every episode rather than picking and choosing from here and there, so I haven't got yet to the podcasts that actually feature actual Gilmore Girls cast members as guests. But I am getting there, and I am very excited!

My only complaint about this podcast is the fact that some episodes are super long (like an hour and 10 minutes) and since I usually listen to podcasts while I bike to uni or shop for groceries, I usually never manage to listen to whole episode on one go. But that is just a really minor complaint because in general I really really LOVE this podcast. It also makes me really want to hang out with Kevin and Demi because they seem SUPER COOL!

2. Christmas Movies

Since my last obsessions post in October, I have watched a total of 21 Christmas movies. Most of them are Hallmark films, which I absolutely love during holiday season, but there are a couple of classics in the mix as well, like Holiday Inn, starring Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby (and my favorite Christmas song White Christmas). The Hallmark Countdown to Christmas marathon has also started, and out of the three films I have watched so far, only one has been really good. I actually have a bunch of film reviews lined up for December, so keep your eyes on that if you are looking for Christmas movies to watch.

3. Adele's Hello

Though I have never been a super dedicated Adele fangirl (I tend not to be super involved in the "music fandom"), I am very excited about her new album 25 (set to release on 20th of November) and the first single Hello really promises a lot of good things. 

4. Community

I just finished my re-watch of Community a couple of days ago and I am still very much in love with this show. I am actually focusing on Community and another great show, Arrested Development, on my Master's Thesis, and I am now in the process of rewatching that one. I am so very excited to begin the writing process probably after Christmas and I cannot wait to spend more time watching these both shows. 

If you are looking for a funny, kind of weird and whimsical sitcom, I highly recommend Community!

I found Nikita through an article on Buzzfeed and instantly followed her Instagram, because her poems are beautiful! I actually exchanged a couple of messages with her on Twitter after that, and learned that English is her second language, which I think is really impressive, given that the words she writes are so powerful and articulate and amazing. As someone who uses English as a second language as well, it is awesome to see something like this going around.

What are you of your current obsessions?

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