Thursday, October 29, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: iZombie, vol.1: Dead to the World (iZombie #1) by Chris Roberson & Mike Allred

Ever since iZombie started on CW, I have been contemplating whether to watch it or not. CW shows haven't been the greatest, in my opinion, in the past couple of years (with exception of Arrow and Jane the Virgin), so I have been kind if skeptical about it, especially since the only "supernatural" CW show that I put up with for years, The Vampire Diaries, became such a huge disappointment for me.

When I found the first volume of the iZombie graphic novel, of which the show is a loose adaptation of, from my local library, I decided to give a it chance and see whether it would inspire me to give the show an opportunity.

The story of the graphic novel is told from a perspective of a female zombie, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Dylan. Gwen is a 20-something gravedigger who needs to eat a human brain once a month to keep her memories intact. With each brain she eats, she becomes consumed with the thoughts and memories of the person the brain belonged to and she finds that the way to get rid of those thoughts is to grant the dead person their last request or solve a problem they were dealing with before they died.

Though Gwen is an interesting character and one I definitely would like to know more about, my favorite aspect of this graphic novel was the supporting characters, such as Gwen's best friend Eleanor, who's a ghost or a were-dog, who happens to have a crush of Gwen. Then there's also a group of female vampires and a duo who are determined to get rid of all supernatural beings.

iZombie, vol. 1 was a quick, entertaining and surprisingly funny read that definitely made me want to pick up the second volume, which is called uVampire. The art style for some reason reminds me a bit of Scooby Doo cartoons (I have no idea why), which I actually quite enjoyed (I cannot even remember the last time I even thought about Scooby Doo). I liked how the first volume (collection of issues 1-5) established the characters and the character relationships, but still leaves a lot to get answers for. It did not completely sell me on the show (mostly because I know the show is only very loosely based on this one), but it did bring it back to my radar, so I probably now just need one final push before I watch it.

For fans of detective novels and urban fantasy, this one is a must! Also, if you enjoy female driven stories, you should definitely check this out.

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