Sunday, September 20, 2015

You Should Watch This (#2) - Full House

A while ago, I posted by first YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS POST featuring Hulu's original series Difficult People. Because writing that post was a lot of fun, I thought I would write a second one now that I am finished watching Full House. 

I started my master's degree at the beginning of this month and since then I have had less time to read. And when there has been time, I have been too exhausted from all the new information and customs of the school that I have rather just hit bed and binge-watched shows. I started watching Full House at the end of June and now I am finished with it. To summarize my watching experience, I would say that for me, Full House was a show that I immensely enjoyed, but often found growing tired of after extensive binges. Because of the breaks I had to take, watching the show took a bit longer than I expected, but the breaks did me some good and now that I am done, I will forever hold this show in a special place in my heart.

I am a huge fan of comedy and though Full House is not the type of comedy I typically enjoy, I loved it. Most of the jokes of the show repeat themselves and are geared towards family audiences, but nevertheless, they got me laughing. I also loved the continuity and repetition of the jokes because they really dragged you in to this family and their lives. There's the annoying/lovable neighbor Kimmy who grows up alongside the Tanner girls, there's Jesse and his hair, there's Danny and his desire for neatness, there's Joey and his cartoons...

I know that for a lot of my American viewers Full House was probably a part of their childhood. I am from Finland and I am not quite sure whether this shows was ever shown in Finnish TV. It is not part of my childhood in any way and my very first touch to it was not until I was 16 and moved to US and saw reruns of it on one of the cable channels we had. I liked it then because I was still learning to use English in my everyday speech and thought that it included good words and sayings. I also kind of fell in love with John Stamos. After I moved back to Finland, I kind of forgot Full House, until I heard about Fuller House.

Fuller House will come to Netflix next year and I must admit I am VERY EXCITED! Though Michelle, especially todler Michelle, is one of my favorite parts of the original show, I am not too disappointed of the fact that Fuller House won't be as focused on Michelle as the last few seasons of the original show. I am also extremely excited to see Kimmy again, because she is one of my favorite characters of the whole show.

Full House definitely isn't perfect. It has tendency to portray the Tanner girls as perfection against the mistakes of the other kids. It can be cliche and the humor can be quite lazy. But it is also one of those shows that is extremely easy to watch. The characters and the actors are wonderful and your heart probably has to be made of ice if you don't melt seeing John Stamos interact with the young Olsen twins. One thing I also want to note - IT IS EXTREMELY INTERESTING TO LOOK HOW THE STYLES OF THE CHARACTERS CHANGE. From 80s to 90s, from horrible to actually quite stylist (I mean some of DJs clothes in the end are stuff that's on top again).

Did you watch Full House growing up? Are you looking forward to Fuller House

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