Thursday, August 6, 2015

You Should Watch This (#1) - Difficult People

If you follow me on Twitter (@milkamilka) you might have noticed that I am a massive television fan. For a long time, Tumblr has been my way of sharing my love for television and it will probably continue to be the avenue I mostly take when it comes to television. But since I just watched the first two episodes of an AWESOME new show, I thought why not use this blog from time to time so share with you something that I think you should all watch (because my opinion, of course, is very important!).

So, earlier today (Wednesday 6th of August 2015) Hulu premiered the first two episodes of its new original comedy DIFFICULT PEOPLE. If the name Amy Poehler says something to you (IT SHOULD BECAUSE AMY IS THE QUEEN!), then you should be already on the Hulu website because Poehler is the executive producer of this comedy gem. Then there's this awesome guy called Billy Eichner (BILLY ON THE STREET) who was also in one of the best shows ever made. I am of course talking about PARKS AND RECREATION. Billy Eichner's BFF is played by Julia Klausner, who's kind of a new face to me, but I can tell you that after two episodes, I am loving her.

DIFFICULT PEOPLE follows the lives of Billy and Julia. They live in New York and though they are extremely hilarious, the comedy world just hasn't found them yet. Like the title of the show indicates, some could see Billy and Julia as DIFFICULT PEOPLE, but in my eyes, they are the easy people and those around them are difficult. I don't know what it is, but I feel like I just connect with these characters on a deeper level. Yeah, they are bit over the top (that's were the comedy comes from), but in general I feel like I just share a similar kind of mind-set with these characters. They speak their mind and sometimes say things that others might see as controversial, and I LOVE it! They both are characters I would LOVE to have as my best friends.

I love sitcoms and usually tend to categorize the shows I watch to shows that are "cleverly" funny and shows that I just watch because I am weird and cannot stop watching shows even when they kind of start to suck. DIFFICULT PEOPLE definitely goes to the category of shows that are "cleverly" funny (other shows in that category are, for example, PARKS AND REC and 30 ROCK). For most of the time, the humor is just in the border of "too much", which is exactly what I love about "clever" comedy. The cast is extremely likable and the characters are SPOT ON (you can probably sense how much I love these characters)!

Did my rant make you interested about DIFFICULT PEOPLE? IT BETTER HAVE WORKED! Or are you among the royalty (yes, I said roalty) that already watched this gem of a show? Also, what did you think about YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS (you loved it, right?)? Should I write more of these (I probably will despite what you say)?

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