Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Post (#25)

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Books I Read This Week:

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

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Next Week on ReadReadRead:

Review: The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West
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Review: The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
You Had Me At Friday
Stacking the Shelves
Sunday Post

What I've Been Watching This Week:

So there was a Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Television Festival last night and in preparation to that, I of course had to watch some Gilmore Girls. This show is so incredibly amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. And also, TEAM LOGAN 4EVER!

AND NOW A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Team Logan? Team Dean? Team Jess?

I saw Mystic Pizza for the first time this weekend and oh man, WHY DID I NOT WATCH IT EARLIER? Julia Roberts and pizza? It's a win-win.

From my Instagram:

I reordered my bookshelf a little bit. This will be a very temporary arrangement though, because I GOT ACCEPTED FOR A MASTER'S PROGRAM, which means that I will have to move myself and my books to the South of Finland at the end of August.

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  1. I look.forward to your The fill in.boyfriend review. I need to read a Kasie West book. I never really got into Gilmore girls but it's one of those shows I want on Netflix. Have a great week.

    Megan @

    1. I have read all of Kasie West's contemporaries and really enjoyed them. I have been planning to read the Pivot Point duology for a while now, but just haven't been in a mood for a book like that.
      Gilmore Girls is absolutely fantastic. Definitely on my top 5 shows of all time list :)
      Thanks for stopping by Megan!

  2. I've been rewatching the Gilmore Girls. And I'm Team Jess!!!!

    1. Gilmore Girls is always worth a rewatch.
      Jess is the number 2 guy for me after Logan. I cannot stand Dean - not at all! :)
      Thanks for stopping by Deborah!

  3. Looking forward to your reviews next week! Also love me some Gilmore Girls. I always watch the reruns when they are on. I am definitely not team Dean. I was team Jess but I think Logan won me over in the end!!

    1. YAY for Gilmore Girls!!!
      AND YAY FOR LOGAN! <3 I don't like Dean at all and though Jess is okay sometimes, he complains too much and is a bit too angsty for my taste. Logan on the other hand is pretty perfect in my eyes. :D
      Thanks for stopping by Grace!

  4. I love Meg Cabot and want to read Royal Wedding, great cover! I look forward to reading your reviews. Have a great week.

    1. Royal Wedding was AMAZING! If you have read even some of the previous Princess Diaries books, you should definitely check Royal Wedding out :)
      Thanks for stopping by Cindy!

  5. Looks like a good May- and I remember Mystic Pizza! That was a fun movie...

    1. Mystic Pizza was so funny! I really question my decision not to watch it earlier :)
      Thanks for stopping by Greg!

  6. Somehow I never watched Gillmore Girls. I know it's on Netflix so I should definitely fix that. Congrats on getting accepted into the masters program! Have a great week!

    1. You should definitely watch Gilmore Girls! One of my top 5 shows ever for sure! :)
      Thank you Katherine - I am so surprised and excited about the fact that I got in. It is such a small group (they only accept about 5 people every year), so I never thought I would actually get in.

  7. I recently watch Mystic Pizza again. It didn't seem as good as I remembered? Maybe I've seen it too many times now. LOL Your books look good. Both are new authors to me.

    My Sunday Post -

    1. This was my first time watching it and I am kind of happy that I had not watched it earlier, because probably like 10 years ago, I would not have liked it at all.
      Thanks for stopping by Laura!


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