Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer 2015: Bookish Bingo

Though the weather here sucks and it feels more like an eternal spring, summer is here. 
Last summer I participated in a summer reading challenge and after some browsing, I though Bookish Bingo, the brainchild of Bekka @ Pretty Deadly sounded pretty good. 

So the basics of the challenge are the following:

- Runs for June, July and August (Only books finished between the FIRST of June and LAST day of August count)
- One book per square
- Rereads ALWAYS count!
- You may include one DNF
- Giveaway portion of the challenge: the more you cover the bingo card, the more entries you get!

Are you ready for the bingo card?
You better be!

So with every book  I read, I will check whether I am able to check something out from the bingo card. 

If you need help with finding books to fit with the card, check out Bekka's list of recommendations from here.

How will I keep up with the challenge?

Well, there's Goodreads... my list for this challenge is here 

In addition, I will keep you updated with my card through my monthly wrap ups and my Sunday Posts. 

If you are participating in Bookish Bingo, what are you planning to read?
Are there any books that comes to your mind while looking at the card? Any recommendations?

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