Friday, May 15, 2015

NETWORK TV UPFRONTS aka "It's not like I need new shows to watch but here are the ones I am EXCITED about"

Upfront - a meeting hosted at the start of important advertising sales periods by television network executives. Networks announce their full fall prime time schedules, including the tentative launch dates for new programming. 



Kickass female character? CHECK.
Innovative medicine? CHECK.
Romance? CHECK.
Sounds a bit like Grey's Anatomy? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

I have a feeling Heartbreaker will be either a hit or a miss with me, but we'll see. I am definitely willing to give it a chance.



This one looks like one of those shows were the mythological and gritty stuff is mixed with humor. Look awesome on the promo - hopefully they have left something to be surprised about for the actual show itself.

I am willing to give this a chance purely for Tom Ellis whose charm never leaves me cold.

The Grinder

Whereas last year I listed a lot of sitcoms to watch, this year The Grinder might be the only new network sitcom I am even slightly interested in. I lived Rob Lowe both in The West Wing and Parks and Recreation and I am willing to give this a go purely because of that.



Okay, so this one looks even better than I expected. I love shows like Arrow, but is so freaking refreshing to see a show centered around a female superhero.

Also, points for Lexie from Grey's Anatomy !!

Code Black

I think the fact that the promo alone made me tear-up proves that I should give this one a chance.



The comparisons for Dallas have already started...
I am always willing to give Chace Crawford a chance.

The Catch

New Shondaland show... ENOUGH SAID!

Wicked City

Ed Westwick is such a brilliant pick for this one! I hope the show ends up being quite as surprising and tense as the trailer is.

(After watching this just before going to bed I ended up seeing a dream in which I was a serial killer....)


This one looks kind of like Grey's Anatomy but with agents instead of doctors.
The promo is very heavy on action and melodrama and such, so it promises good things. I see this one becoming one of those really addicting shows always finishing with big cliffhangers etc.

The Family

I am not quite sure of this one yet. The promo looks fairly interesting, but out of all of these shows, this is the one that I question the most for some reason. We'll see.

Did any of these shows catch your interest? Which shows are you excited about this upcoming fall?


  1. I will check out The Catch because it's Shonda and I like Mirelle Enos from The Killing. I'm bummed Kingmakers didn't get picked up by ABC. I really liked the sound of that one! I haven't watched the promo for The Family yet. Must check that one out later. I'm always hesitant to pick up new US shows before they get a full-season pick-up because so many are cancelled after a a few episodes.

    1. SHONDA <3
      I know what you mean - last year when I had finally somewhat got into Selfie, they cancelled it. Good thing there is Hulu now because they have picked several of my faves to show - Community, The Mindy Project...

    2. And Netflix who saved The Killing! By the way have you watched Rectify? I think you might like it (because we seem to like a lot of the same crime stuff). This is very slow moving (I warn you! ;) but it is good - the story of a death row inmate who is released from prison after a number of years. Seasons 1&2 are on Netflix.

    3. I haven't watched that one, but I saw it on Netflix like a week ago and almost started with it! I am definitely keep your recommendation in mind - as soon as I finish with the second season of Hannibal, I am in need of a new crime show. I remember seeing a promo for Rectify before it actually started, but then never ended up watching it.


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