Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bout of Books 12 Sign-up

It's Bout of Books time! The couple last times Bout of Books hasn't been a thriving success for me, but since I am stubborn and just don't like to admit defeat, I am here again to tackle this week long reading challenge. I know this is not a competion or anything and that it is all about fun and the enjoyment of reading, but HEY, I AM COMPETITIVE! But since it is the new year and all that jazz, I will not set any goals. I will just read as much as I feel like reading, at the end of the day count my pages and in the end of the week see how much I have read. 

Next week is kind of perfect reading week for me because it is the last official holiday week from uni (though I am staying at home for one extra week). It is also a time I probably won't work much on my dissertation (I'll leave that for the first week uni is back, the week I am still spending at home) and probably the only thing that will take me away from books are hockey games (I think there are two games next week....). 

I won't make a TBR either, because I feel like every single time I have made one, I have started to feel like all the books I have picked are ones I am not in the mood for, as a result of which I have started to read less and less and eventually have "failed" with the challenge. So I am just going to read whatever I feel like reading.

I am not sure yet whether I will be participating in any of the challenges/twitter chats etc... It would be awesome to chat with someone though - hit me with a tweet to @milkamilka and we can talk about books! PLEASE? 


  1. Oh I really want to do a bout of books but I always seem to be doing something when they are on! I am going to Edinburgh on Tuesday until Sunday so I don't know how much reading I would get done :/

    1. You're going to Edinburgh?! Awesome!! I go to university there, but I am still back home in Finland gor a couple more weeks. Are you going to do book shopping there? There are pretty awesome secondhand book stores at Nicholson Street (Blackwells is there as well).

  2. hey, i tagged you in the seven deadly sins book tag!


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