Thursday, December 11, 2014

Puppy Love

I am back home for a long Christmas break and it is all the more special this year because there's a PUPPY living in my house now. And she is beautiful and crazy and funny and lovable and just the cutest little puppy ever. 

I thought I would share a couple of pictures because hey, who does not like puppies?

She's about 14 weeks old now, so still in the "sometimes I pee on the floor please still love me" phase. She has been getting better though (at least that is what my mother says) and starts to learn to tell us when she needs to go outside.

This week, I've spent the mornings and early afternoons alone with her at home while my parents have been going to work. Right now she is sleeping right next to me and kicking her feet in her sleep, probably dreaming of running.

She has made me completely fall in love with her. 

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  1. Oh my god, what a cute little thing! No wonder you fell in love with her. She's adorable! What's her name?


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