Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bout of Books 11: Updates 1


I hope you're all good and that those who are participating in Bout of Books are having a lot of fun reading and participating in the challenges.

I am not sure yet whether I'll do an update post every day or not, but while I think of that, here are my stats from the day 1.

Books Read: 


100% of Made For You by Melissa Marr + 23% of Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle

Pages Read:


Time Read:

About 6 hours

Plan for today:

Hopefully finish with Famous in Love. It has been alright so far, just maybe a bit too fluff for what I would like to read at the moment. I might get a book I'm really interested in from the library today, so it might be that I cheat a little with my TBR list and read that next. We'll see. Probably going to watch a film again tonight (like I did last night) just to take a break from the reading. I'm trying to keep the films I watch book related though, so it fits to the theme. Last night I watched Capote and found myself crying in the end because of the hopelessness and melancholy of the film.


  1. Great start! I also may veer away from my readathon TBR list later this week if my library hold of Ilona Andrews Magic Breaks comes in (really hoping it does!).

  2. 6 hours of reading, awesome! :) I like to switch between movies and books to keep things fun. Happy reading and good luck with day 2!

    Bout of books - Mel@thedailyprophecy

  3. I already cheated on my TBR....oops. Hope you have a good day 2! =)


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