Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Post (#14)

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Weekly recap:
Waiting on Wednesday (The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark)
In Honor by Jessi Kirby (Review) (***)

Coming up:
Review for Losing It by Cora Carmack
Waiting on Wednesday
Review for Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
Stacking the Shelves

What I read this week:
Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson
Landline by Rainbow Rowell

What I watched this week:

The Philadelphia Story - I hadn't seen this one for ages and when I saw it on one of those "films to watch" lists, I decided that it was time for a re-watch. The cast in this film is just fabulous.

Notorious - I love Hitchcock and Notorious is definitely among my Hitchcock favorites. I love spotting the motifs from his films (in case you're interested, here's a list of them conducted by Michael Walker) - even if I start to watch these films without thinking about the analytically and in my case academically, already during the opening credits my mind is thinking about possible film essay ideas.

Friday Night Lights - I re-watched the last two seasons this week just because I LOVE this show so much. TEXAS FOREVER! I am so in love with Coach Taylor. And Riggins. 

After finishing with Friday Night Lights, I needed something new to watch and decided to go with Parenthood - it is developed and written by Jason Katims, who was the producer and head writer of FNL and I am already finding a lot of similarities between the shows (I have watched 8 episodes of season 1). 

Around the Internet:

Why We Need "Ugly" Heroines (written by Erika Johansen, the author of The Queen of the Tearling)

In other news:

A couple of weeks ago I complained that it is cold and raining all the time. Now I'm going to complain that it is too hot. It got really warm here early this week (like +26 and up which is a lot in Finland). I love the warm weather, but unfortunately my skin is so sensitive to sun that just staying outside for ten minutes or so makes my skin burn. I have sunblock with a very high SPF, but it seems like it is not helping at all. I should probably take a dip in a pool filled with sunblock before going outside or something... I hope the temperature goes down just a bit so I can actually enjoy the summer here.

It has been a very uneventful week, which I actually don't mind at all. In a couple of weeks I'll be going to a two-day music festival here in my hometown which most likely will be very hectic and packed, so I don't mind the peacefulness now.

This week on Instagram:

Morgan Matson's Second Chance Summer hit quite close to home with the subject matter and the result was this.

Landline! I was so excited when I got this to my Kindle. I already read it and though I did not like it as much as the previous books by Rowell, I quite enjoyed it. 

I bought a blender this week and have been going kind of smoothie crazy since then. If you have any good smoothie recipes, leave them in the comments! :D

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  1. Gah, I keep hearing all this disappointed comments about Landline, I am scared to read it now.
    I think I already follow you on Instagram, but I'll check it out.

    Have a great week!

    1. It was alright, but not phenomenal or anything. I've liked Rowell's previous books more :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I need to revisit the Hitchcock films. I haven't watched any in ages. Philadelphia Story is amazing! Love Cary Grant and that's a perfect role for Katharine Hepburn. Have fun at the music festival and good luck dealing with the sun!

    1. Hitchcock is amazing - definitely one of my all time fave directors :)
      Philadelphia Story is phenomenal - both Gary Grant and Jimmy Stewart are so handsome. And Hepburn is so beautiful :)
      Thanks - it is about 30 degrees celcius here now and I feel like I'm dying.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Oh, now I am longing for old black and white movies!

    And that blended drink reminds me that my daughter borrowed my blender (a couple of years ago?) and she still has it. I don't think I'm getting it back! LOL

    LOVE Parenthood!

    Enjoy your week...and here's MY WEEKLY SUNDAY/MONDAY UPDATES POST

    1. Haha - you might just have to buy a new blender then :)

      I just finished with Parenthood season 1 and oh my, I am so ready for season 2!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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