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Life of a Blogger (#1): Favorite Place

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This weeks topic is: Favorite place

I won't go with my room or with my bed, because those are kind of obvious and not that interesting. For almost three years now, I've been kind of between to places - Finland, where my family is and where I was born and Edinburgh, the city that I have learned to call my home away from home. Because of this, I feel like I cannot do this post without mentioning a place from both that I love.

If you don't know what Edinburgh looks like, you should really Google it. It is such a beautiful, historical city and sometimes when I'm walking around the town I still can't believe that I'm lucky enough to have a chance to live here. I moved here in 2011 for university, spent the first year at the campus and now I've been living in the city centre for almost two years with one of my best friends. Though there are several beautiful places in Edinburgh (I know this might sound super creepy, but there are some gorgeous graveyards here), like the gorgeous Christmas market that takes place every year from the end of November, my favorite probably is Calton Hill, only a short walk from where I live. I'll let pictures do the talking - I think you'll probably be able to figure out why I like this place so much.

I can't believe this a place I can visit every single day if I want to....

You can pretty much the whole town from up there

My roommate and one of my oldest friends. They had just met each other a day before, but this picture looks like they have know each other forever. 

When it comes to my favorite place in Finland, there's one place that came to my mind instantly. It is a place where I became a fangirl, a place where I, to some degree, found myself. It's a place where I had moments of sadness, but also moment of incredible happiness. It's a place where I have made some of the best memories of my life so far, and a place I always want to go back to when I go to Finland. That place is the local ice-hall in my hometown. I fell in love with ice-hockey and the fan culture and the whole world surrounding the team over 10 years ago. At first I attended games occasionally, usually accompanied by my older cousin or my aunt's husband. Eventually I made my own friends at the ice-hall, begged by mother to buy me a season ticket, and started to attend every single game. For years it was a way of life for me - everything centred around the team and the games - all of my friends were at the ice-hall, I arranged all of my other social events around the games, and from September to April I lived for those moments in that place. Those wooden benches that we used to stand on, the smell of sausages and popcorn, the darkness and pounding music that filled the stadium before the home team entered the ice, the sea of yellow and black team jerseys surrounding me, the chants and the cheers I still can recite in my sleep, the loss of voice and sore throats after three hours of yelling, the clapping of hands in unison to the beat of the drums, the nervousness of the spring playoff games, the bitter tears of defeat, and most importantly, the happy tears of victory. Though I don't get to go there often anymore, every time I enter that place, I remember what it used to mean to me and those memories come running back to my mind, reminding me once again that when I first time entered that place in early 2000s, I had no idea that I had found a place that would remain special to me for the rest of my life. It might not look like much, but in many ways, it's home.

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  1. I visited Edingburgh once when I was on vacation in Scotland and I love the city. It's such a beautifull city and I would love to visit it again once. We also went to that hill when I visited the city :). It's indeed gorgeous. I would love to go to Scotland on vacation again, I love the country, there are so many beautifull places we've seen during our first vacation and I really want to visit again.
    I once have been to Sweden on vacation, but I've never been to Finland.

    1. It really is a beautiful place, especially now that there are signs of spring in the air and the sun is shining. :)

      Sweden is much like Finland, expect that the language is different and there's more people in Sweden. The summers are really beautiful in Finland with the sun not going down at all at some parts of the country.

    2. Sounds beautifull, I would love to visit Finland once! It sounds so weird that there are part where the sun doesn't go down in the summer, but I am sure it would be special to see it. I also want to see the northern lights, I have a skin for my e-reader with the northern light on it, it's so beautifull, I can't imagine what it would be like to see it in real life.
      I also want to visit Norway, I want to see the Fjords.
      Luckily all these countries are still within travel distance as I live in the Netherlands, so I hope once I can visit them all!

    3. Up at the north there's like several months in a year that the sun does not come up at all during the winter... The summer is much nicer, obviously, with light all the time. :)
      Northern Lights are really beautiful, especially up in the north because the skies are much clearer there.
      I've never been to Norway either, but would like to visit at some point. And Netherlands too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My best friend is from Finland; she came to Canada when she was 6 years old, but is now back in Finland for her schooling. She's in Jyväskylä -- not sure if that's close to where you grew up? I used to LOVE listening to her call her mom from my house whenever she was asking permission to stay for dinner or spend the night; Finnish is such a pretty language!

    1. Oh, that's so cool! :)
      I am from Oulu, so quite a bit up north from Jyvaskyla. There's a great university in Jyvaskyla though, especially for teacher's education.
      Haha, that's the first time I hear someone calling Finnish pretty - usually when I speak it here with my roommate people say it sounds harsh and very monotonic. :)

  3. Love your photos around Edinburgh! I'd love to go there (the British Isles, really) and Finland one of these days :)

    1. Thanks! It's really pretty here, especially now during the spring. And Christmas time is beautiful here as well.
      Finland's really nice during the summer.
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. Lovely pictures! I would LOVE to visit anywhere outside the US!


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