Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Discussion Post: I Love Television

I received an email asking whether I could post something about my favorite ongoing TV shows. Well, yes, of course I can. I haven't had a TV for the past three years or so, but during that time I've become more and more obsessed with several different televisions shows. Some I have watched from Netflix, some from other online streaming services. So here's a list of the ongoing TV shows I love (already finished/cancelled shows are a whole other thing, but I can post about those as well if someone's interested).

Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX)

When I first heard about this show, I instantly knew that I have to watch it! I've been a fan of Andy Samberg since I saw him for the first time on SNL - he's funny, adorable and I really like his sense of humor. The first couple of episodes of this one still searched for the direction the show would take and it has managed to get better and better every single week. I am so happy it was renewed for second season, because I have completely fallen in love with these characters and the cast.

New Girl (FOX)

It took me a couple of episodes to fall in love with this show (and Zooey Deschanel), but once that happened, there has been no way to back out. Filled with hilarious incidences and an amazing cast playing interesting and funny characters, this show will definitely make you smile. And Nick Miller - why aren't you real?

The Mindy Project (FOX)

Do you like romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally? If yes, then you will love this one. This show created by Mindy Kaling, who also plays the lead, is hilarious and will definitely give you the feels. If you are watching this one, you know what I am talking about (MINDY AND DANNY OH MY GOD!)

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

If someone asks me what show makes me the happiest at the moment, I would instantly say Parks and Recreation. The moment I hear the opening theme, I forget all my problems and just enjoy spending 20 minutes or so with these amazing characters. Leslie Knope is my queen! And why is Ben Wyatt fictional?? Ron Swanson is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time! THE HAPPIEST SHOW ON EARTH.

Modern Family (ABC)

The humor of this show might not be as witty as for example in Brooklyn 99 or Parks and Recreation, but I still very much enjoy this show. It is filled with interesting characters and I love the family dynamic of the show and the relationships between the characters. I love Phil <3 p="">

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

I can't believe this show is almost over! I binge watched seasons 1-4 and then started to watch it as it aired, and I can't believe soon I won't be able to have a new episode of it on weekly basis. I love the running gags, nerdy Ted, Marshall and Lily, Barney's bro-code, Robin's independence and sense of humor, the reoccurring characters like The Captain... I'll miss this one!

The Big Bang Theory (CBS)

I used to be obsessed with this show, but I feel like recently I haven't enjoyed it as much. Maybe it's because I have started to watch so many other sitcoms that in comparison the humor is not as good... or maybe the quality of the writing has just gone down. Well, in any case, it was just renewed for three more seasons, and I'll keep watching, just because I used to love it so much.

Scandal (ABC)

This show is new on my list - I binge watched through season 1 and 2 in one weekend and then caught up with season 3. I love the intensity, the characters (FITZ IS SO HOT) and the plot-twists. It might not be the most realistic show out there, but it does give me the political drama fix I need.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

I've been watching this show since episode 1 of season 1, and I am still hooked. The setting, the characters, the relationships, the intense and occasionally insane plot-twists. Watching this on Friday (the day after it airs in US) is always a perfect start for my weekend).

Hannibal (NBC)

This show really is something... The cinematography is INSANELY GORGEOUS, the actors are so talented, and the way the story is adapted to TV is just so well done. Not for the faint of heart, but if you don't mind a bit of violence and gore, this one is one to watch!

Orange is the New Black (Netflix Original Series)

So addicting, so well done, filled with a cast of interesting characters that some are still a completely mystery to us after season 1. The ending of season 1 was so intense I can't wait to see what happens next. Season 2 will premiere during the summer and I am seriously counting the days to be able to binge watch the whole season!

Orphan Black (BBC America)

This show has been hyped quite a lot in the media, but still there are a lot of people who are not aware of its existence. If you don't feel a connection with the synopsis of the show, watch it just for Tatiana Maslany, who is insanely good in this one! Now's the perfect time to catch up with this one - there's still bit over a month until the second season starts.

Community (NBC)

The 4th season of this show was bit of a disappointment for me, but now that Dan Harmon is back, it has been amazing once again! So funny, a bit weird, and with an amazing ensemble cast! Watch it!

Bates Motel (A&E)

I was not gonna watch this at first, thinking that it will just be a lame teenager version of Hitchcock's brilliant film. But once I gave it a go, I realized that it actually is very imaginative, and not too filled with teenager angst I've gotten tired with. I love how the show is set in a foreign setting, but still the clothes of Norma and Norman are very much linked to the Hitchcock film. Very entertaining and creepy.

True Detective (HBO)

The cinematography of this show will blow your mind away! Not maybe the most action packed show out there, but Harrelson and McConaughey are very charming and charismatic and I love how the show is almost like a puzzle you want to solve, but you're not given a change to do it, not until the characters are willing to give you more information. Very cinematic and well made!

Broad City (Comedy Central)

One of the best new shows I've watched in a long time! This one is so incredibly funny my words won't do it justice. It is centered around two hilarious, normal women who have an amazing friendship and who are not afraid to be themselves!  Please just do yourself a favor and watch it! I seriously can't get enough of this show.

Portlandia (IFC)

I loved Fred Armisen on SNL and started to watch this just to see more of him. Set in Portland, this show is a collection of little sketches filmed around different types of shops etc. within the city. The humor in this show is kind of weird/absurd and really witty. This might not be for everyone and I feel like this is one of those shows you'll either really love or really hate.

This post just made me realize I watch way too much TV. I hope I'm not alone.... So what are some of your favorite current TV shows? Is these a show you could recommend for me? (Like I really need more shows to watch....)


  1. I love TV too!!! I am obsessed with it. Funny thing is I actually watch quite a few shows you don't. Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, are just a few you should add to your list!!! True Detective was AMAZING!!

    1. I actually have only like 2 episodes of Sleepy Hollow left to watch. I liked it, but then for some reason did not watch it one week and kind of forgot to watch it. I will probably watch all of the episodes again during summer since the season is short so I can fully concentrate on it. Grimm I have never watched, but I've seen season 1 for Once Upon a Time - I watched it through in like 2 days and I'm thinking I might do the same for the other seasons at some point.

      I just realized I forgot Castle from this list... No one I know in real life watches it , and I don't really Tumblr blog about it either, so I always collect episodes of it and the watch like 10 in a row. I'm now doing the exact thing, waiting for the season to end so I can have a whole day filled with Castle :D

  2. Great TV taste! So many of these I love! I have to marathon HIMYM one day on Netflix. My sister has been trying to get me to watch that for some time now. I joked that I'd watch the whole series right before the series finale but clearly I've waited to long to actually do that and surprise her haha.


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