Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts (#1)

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1. People always keep telling me that my university course must be a complete breeze - "it's just watching films, right? Well, yes and no. It does involved watching quite a lot of films, but with weekly screenings decided by the lecturers, it sometimes feels like torture. This week we're discussing British cinema in the 1980s and the assigned screening for the week is this Alan Clarke film called Rita, Sue and Bob too!. I thought the Bollywood film we watched a couple of weeks ago was the worst film I've ever seen, but alas, I WAS WRONG. 

2. Today is the last game of my hometown team in Finland (I'm from Oulu if that means anything to anyone) in the regular hockey series before the playoffs and I'm already starting to feel the homesickness that will come when the playoffs start and I'm not there to watch the games. I can watch most of them online, but it's not the same thing. If they end up winning the championship, I'll be crying from both happiness and sadness - missing the potential celebration parties will be a hard blow. 

3. I'm trying to come up with some type of plan for the trip to London with my mother and my aunt. My mom is 53, my aunt is 60, so I need some type of activities that they also would be interested in. Their English is not best in the world, so that kind of rules out all tour type of things with a lot of English commentary. They've never been to London before, and I'm thinking of maybe just one day for the sights, one day for shopping and then maybe one day for different museums/markets etc. We will be there for 3 whole days. If anyone has any suggestions, please give me some ideas! 

4. I think Broad City is my favorite show at the moment (it's on Comedy Central and it's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time). As a fan of comedy and especially funny women, it's amazing to see a show that is centered around two funny, very realistic female characters and their awesome friendship.

5. I started to read the Netgalley copy of The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu last night, and I'm really enjoying the multiple narrator thing, especially because we don't really hear what Alice has to say, just what the people around her say and tell about her. This will be released most likely in June 3rd, and I think everyone should add it to their wishlists/TBRs right now.

6. I reached 1000 followers on my Tumblr earlier this week, which is crazy. I guess my fangirling about comedians and films has gained someone's interest.

7. My roommate and I decided to buy tickets to this music festival taking place in my hometown at the end of July. None of the bands/artists aren't really my favorites or anything, but the weather is usually nice during the festival, and it will be fun to hang out together (my roommate lives in a different town, so we won't see much during the summer once we travel from Edinburgh to Finland). 

8. This week I've been watching a lot of interviews of Matthew McConaughey - I've had a huge crush on him since I was like probably 11 and I loved him in Dallas Buyers Club and his incredible in True Detective. And hey, he has like the hottest accent ever. 

9. What I've been listening to this week: 

  • Bad Things. Shaun White, one of my favorite human beings of all time is the guitarist of this band. You should check them out, they're really good!
  • Lea Michele. Her debut album is actually quite good (I love her in Glee, which I don't really watch anymore, but with which I used to be obsessed with). The song If You Say So (the last track of the album, except if you have the Deluxe edition), written by her to Cory Monteith is so completely heartbreaking.
  • Country music. No one in here or in Finland really gets my love for country music, but I think it's one of the best things I brought back with me from US. I always start to listen to country music during the spring and by summer, it's pretty much the only thing I listen to.

10. What films I've watched this week/plan to watch:
  • That horrible screening. I never want to see it again.
  • Films for my dissertation, so 1940s Finnish melodramas
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien - I need to watch this for my next week's world cinema class
  • The Edge of Heaven - I need to watch this for my last Film & The Family class


  1. Great list!! So do you live in Finland and school in Scotland or other way around? Have fun in London...I'm jealous - would love to go there!!

    1. I'm from Finland, but I live in Scotland at the moment for school :)

      Thanks! London is really beautiful - can't wait to go back there!

  2. Thanks for participating!

    I NEED to see The Dallas Buyer's Club. It looks so good.

    1. It is really good - both McConaughey and Jared Leto are amazing in it, and definitely deserved their Oscars for their roles! :)

  3. I would love to visit London one of these days <3

    I really need to see True Detective and The Dallas Buyer's Club, been hearing great things about both :)

    1. London is a great city and there's so much to do there... And so many bookstores!! I remember the first time I went there I bought 22 books (I think my carry-on was heavier than the big suitcase).

      They're both really good so I hope you get to watch them soon! :)

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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