Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Film Review: Trust

Production Year: 2010
Drama, Thriller
106 min
Directed by David Schwimmer
Starring Clive Owen, Catherine Keener and Liana Liberato

Trust, a movie directed by the funny guy David Schwimmer, who is best known for his role as Ross Geller from the hit show FRIENDS, truly hits to the spot and keeps the watcher on his heels throughout the whole movie. The issue the movie discusses and the way the actors portray feelings of ordinary people on a completely new and horrible situation is touching and realistic. 'Trust' is a movie you will keep thinking about for weeks after you have seen it.

Annie, a 14 year old girl of a normal suburban family, meets a guy of her dreams on a online chat. Everything about this guy Annie meets seems perfect. Annie is happy. She has found one with who she can share her worries, her problems and her successes. This new crush also provides Annie a way to search her own sexuality. 

The communication between Annie and her new friend gets more serious when they start to talk on a phone and eventually Annie learns that the guy she has fallen for isn't who he said he would be. The guy Annie has been talking to isn't 16, 19 or even 25. He is way older than that. He is a pedophile, but Annie, who has been lured into the world of that guy, does not see it. She thinks that age does not matter. She thinks that he loves her and thus trusts him fully.

When everything comes to the knowledge of the parents of Annie, the life of Annie and her family crashes. Annie's father wants revenge, Annie's mother wants Annie to be okay. Annie does not want problems for her new friend, the man that has hurt and lied to her. Annie's innocence has been lost, her world has changed completely and it seems that the only one that does not know it is Annie herself.

I have always associated David Schwimmer with FRIENDS. And because of that association it was so hard to believe that this guy who has always made me laugh could have directed something this serious and realistic. The reviews I read of 'Trust' promised a lot, and I must say that the movie was even more than I expected. The realism of the movie is amazing; nothing has been made same easier of more beautiful than it actually is. Clive Owen does great job as Annie's father and I bet we will hear a lot more from Liana Liberato, the young actor playing Annie. 

Trust is a movie we all should see! It is a movie that should be shown in every school when teaching about the hazards of Internet. It is a movie which parents with teenagers should watch. It is a movie that truly touches everyone. 

I promise, it will shock you!

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