Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Review: Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin

Description (from Goodreads):
If Naomi had picked tails, she would have won the coin toss. She wouldn’t have had to go back for the yearbook camera, and she wouldn’t have hit her head on the steps. She wouldn’t have woken up in an ambulance with amnesia.

She certainly would have remembered her boyfriend, Ace. She might even have remembered why she fell in love with him in the first place.

She would understand why her best friend, Will, keeps calling her “Chief.” She'd get all his inside jokes, and maybe he wouldn't be so frustrated with her for forgetting things she can't possibly remember.

She’d know about her mom’s new family. She’d know about her dad’s fiancĂ©e. She wouldn't have to spend her junior year relearning all the French she supposedly knew already.

She never would have met James, the boy with the questionable past and the even fuzzier future, who tells her he once wanted to kiss her. She wouldn’t have wanted to kiss him back.

But Naomi picked heads. 

My thoughts:
It begins with a coin toss. Naomi picks heads and loses. She hits her head to stairs on the way back from the yearbook lab. She wakes up from ambulance with an amnesia.

Naomi's memories are erased from the last 4 years. She does not remember her best friend Will, her boyfriend Ace, the fact that her mother and father are divorced, why she loved yearbook... She does not even remember how to drive a car. The first new memory she has is James. James was the one who saw her coming down the stairs and hitting her head. He is the one who called the ambulance. And now, Naomi feels a lot more attraction towards mysterious James and towards her boyfriend Ace.

But can Naomi live without looking at the past. Everyone remembers the "old" Naomi; the talented tennis player and a yearbook fanatic. But what if the "new" Naomi wants to do something else? And what happens between James and Naomi? Does James have something he is trying to hide? And what happens if Naomi gets her memories back.

I really enjoyed this novel. Naomi is a funny and likable character. She loses her memory and she has to go through her parents divorce etc. for the second time. She does not remember her best friend, Will, who also seems like he has something to hide. And then there is James, a guy with mysterious background. A guy who seems to be a little messed up.

This novel was throughoutly an interesting read. I really enjoyed reading the thoughts of Naomi. She is in a difficult situation, but still she somehow figures out a way to go on. I recommend this book to fans of YA novels since this has everything you can wait from a good novel; likable protagonist, romance, drama and great plot. 

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