Thursday, August 5, 2010

About An Ideal Husband

Some of you might have read previously from my blog that I will be directing a play this fall. The ones that haven't read/heard about it yet, will learn something about it right now.

I am a student at a local high school which offers IB diploma education for chosen students. I've been studying for the IB Diploma for a year now (the first year we had to do this pre dp year). Some of you might be familiar with the IB system, some not. I am not going to explain it any further. If you want to know about it more, you are welcome to ask. :)

As one of my IB subjects I have theater arts. Every year, in my school, the senior students who study theater choose a play and take a responsibility of making the play alive. Before the school ended on spring, we voted about the director, and I was lucky enough to be chosen. There was other girl who also wanted to be a director, but for some reason, the others voted for me, of which I am really happy about. 

I got so excited when we started to talk about the play for this year. When one of the students mentioned 'An Ideal Husband' by Oscar Wilde, I instantly knew that it would be a cool play to work with. I am interested about history of England, particularly Victorian Era, and I had previously knowledge of it. Now, during the summer break, I've been reading the play over and over again, analyzing the characters and making plans for the production. I have a vision in my mind of how I want it to look, and I am eager to start working with the play.

I know that some of you are interested about theater and that is why I decided to post something about this. I will keep you updated and probably post some pictures etc. when the rehearsals start.

Have you been part of a high school/other theater production? Have you directed a play? I would be so happy to share some thoughts! Please leave a comment of e-mail to milkareads[at]yahoo[dot]com. 

Ps. Has any of you seen the movie? I've tried to get it from several online stores, but apparently no one has it anymore. :( I am especially interested about the BBC miniseries version. 


  1. I know the play and it is a great one, indeed. Oscar Wilde wrote great plays, in my opinion. Sadly, I haven't seen the play in any form, stage or TV, but I would like to.

    I was part of a play in kindergarten (I was a fox), and then my theatre career ended.;) I just don't have the talent to act/direct. I could only write plays if someone asked me to do so. But I think it's great that if you do have a talent for theatre, you should use it. It's super cool you're directing a play, I think, especially a Wilde play.

    I hope you get to find the movie or BBC version somewhere. I hear good things about the BBC version. Perhaps one of them is available on YouTube in parts.

    Will you use period costumes or will you modernize the play? I'm really curious.;)

  2. Irena, I really do not have the talent for acting either, but everyone always calls me a "leader" type of person, so directing will probably work for me well. I am really interested about the theater and I think that the work of the director is the closest for my interests; I love to analyze and go through the play and in that way to get my own vision.

    I want to keep the play on the Victorian England, so we will be using period costumes. It will definitely be a challenge, but I hope that I can find some talented sewers who will be able to do the costumes.

  3. I will probably take some pictures during the rehearsals etc. and I will definitely post those at some point. The place we are going to have the play at is a little open yet. Our school great hall would be perfect (the school building is build during the 19th century, if I remember right, so I would be perfect) so I really hope that we will be able to have the play there.


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