Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Day I Lost My Temper: about body and books

This is the type of post I normally do not post in my blog. But right now, I am so pissed, that I want to write about it.

So, to start with, I am normally really patient and I do not lose my temper. When something pisses me, I just go through it in my head without bothering other people. But today, I really lost my temper and I just wanted to yell and scream and run around with knifes (well, maybe I wasn't that extreme...yet).

I have a friend. Well, I have a lot of friends. But now I am talking about this one particular friend. She has a boyfriend. And that boyfriend; he is a pain in the ass. He is so full of himself; he thinks he is the most wonderful and amazing person in the whole universe. Well, maybe he is, but not in my eyes. And this boy happens to have something against me... well, particularly against me reading books and my looks. 

I am a plus size girl, and I am proud about it. I am proud about my curves and I am totally comfortable in my body; I love myself as I am. Of course, I do not feel beautiful everyday, but who does? Most of my friends are skinny, some of them even below skinny. But I don't care. I don't want to diet, I don't want to lose weight; I am happy as I am. But this guy has some problems with it. 

"She reads because she is so fat", "She reads because she is too lazy to do any sports". EXCUSE ME! I read because I enjoy it. I read because books take me to another world were I do not have to deal with assholes like you. I read because through my love to books I have get to know some amazing people (I mean the ones who are actually reading this... yes, YOU! :) ) who share same interest towards literature as I do. 

I do not read because I am so fat. Books have nothing to do with my weight. I don't read because I am lazy. Well, maybe I sometimes am, but it has nothing to do with books either. And everyone is lazy sometimes, right? It is true, that I do not do sports very much, but that is for another reasons; I do not get anything out of it, I just don't enjoy it. I have problems with my knee and my ankle (which I broke about 2 months ago), so I cannot even really do sports right now; DOCTOR'S ORDER. 

I hate the fact that some people cannot except that I read because I LOVE IT. This same guy has been mocking me about my love towards books previously, telling that reading is only for the stupid people. He apparently is so smart already that he does not have to read anymore. The same guy thought that he would write better plays than William Shakespeare. So, yeah, I probably don't have explain my point further.

And what comes to my body, and bodies in general. I think it is everyone's own business how skinny or fat you are. As I wrote before, I am happy as I am, and I do not feel that I have to change myself. If I want change, I do it for myself, not for someone else. 

Have you been in a situation like this? Has someone made fun of your reading? Would you like to read more stuff like this?


  1. I am sorry if I hurt someone's feelings by this text. But I just felt like I have to write something about this because it really pisses me off that there are people like that douche bag...

  2. What a stupid guy! You are so damn right, Milka!

  3. I normally try to tolerate everyone, but he just makes me so mad!
    Thanks for your comments, maybe I try to write something like this more often. Hopefully I am not pissed every week though. :D

  4. Holy crap!That guy is a JERK and I really don't know what your friend is doing with him. I hope she defended you!
    I suppose he has never picked up a book in his life, that's why his brain cells are slow and he makes such moronic comments. I really have NO patience for such people. You have to stand your ground, I completely agree.
    I have been cold anti-social because I like to read. As in: reading is an escape from the reality you don't want to face. Excuse me? That pissed me off. I read because I love it, not because I don't to live a normal life- Jerks.;) So yes, I can definitely understand why you are so pissed off. Go get 'em!

  5. She did not say a word. But well, I am used to it; after she started to go out with that guy she has changed so much.
    Yeah, I am called anti-social as well. My 16 year old little brother does that everyday; he thinks he himself is so cool just hanging around at the park with his friends and motorcycles, but then he sucks at school etc.

  6. Milka, I think your brother and my sister are clones.;) But luckily, teenage years are behind her and she thinks more maturely now. But she used to be just like your brother.
    Ah, those kids. *rolls eyes* ;)
    And, I hope your friend sees reason.


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