Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Special: My top 10 Romantic Movies

Note: I do not include Jane Austen adaptations to this since they would make up the whole list.

It is extremely hard to put these movies into a specified order, so I am just going to introduce you 10 romantic movies I love in random order.

You've Got Mail (1998)
Kathleen Kelly is a owner of a small book shop at New York City. On Internet, she meets a fellow New Yorker and they start to e-mail to each other. There is a definite connection between them and they get close and close by every e-mail. At the same time, Kathleen's bookstore and its future are on hold when a big bookstore chain is opening a massive store close to the corner store. Joe Fox, the son of the owner of Fox books, becomes the biggest rival of Kathleen. The thing Kathleen, or Joe, do not know, is that they are actually e-mailing to each other and pretty much falling in love.
I love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in this movie. They have go
od connection and this movie is totally one of those movies you can watch over and over again.
Leap Year (2010)
Anna has been dating her perfect doctor boyfriend for years. She has been waiting a proposal for a while. She believes that the moment has come when they have dinner at a fancy restaurant. In the end, she gets earrings, not a ring. Her father tells her about old Irish tradition, that on a leap year, on 29th of February, a woman can propose a man. When Anna's boyfriend travels to Dublin for work she follows him and plans to propose him. Nothing goes as Anna has planned and she finds herself from other side of Ireland. With a help of a innkeeper Declan she finally gets to Dublin. When she eventually sees her boyfriend again, she begins to wonder is he the right one for her, or could Declan, a man who annoys her for most of the time, be the love of her life?
I adore Matthew Goode! He is so gorgeous and his accent...
it makes me melt. He is so gorgeous. And Amy Adams is so funny as Anna.

The Notebook (2004)
Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. In this movie an old man tells a story of Noah and Allie to a old woman in a nursing home. Noah and Allie fall in love and have a summer filled with love and joy but eventually they are separated by their social differences. Allie gets engaged to other man, but seeing Noah again makes her change her mind about getting married. The Notebook is such a beautiful story about the strenght of first, true love.
I saw the Notebook for the first time when I lived in US. It even made my boyfriend cry. Even though I
've seen it many times it still makes me cry.

A Walk to Remember (2002)
Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan are teens from North Carolina. Landon is one of the popular kids of the high school, Jamie is a highly religious pastor's girl. When Landon gets the part in the annual school play he starts to spend time with Jamie. He notices that the girl they have laughed for is actually the girl he fells in love with. But Jamie has a secret she hasn't told for Landon.
This is one of those movies that will make you cry. I promise. I love the book by Nicholas Sparks but this
movie is also amazing.

The Holiday (2006)

Two women with guy problems swap homes for two weeks. Amanda from LA goes to UK when Iris from UK goes to Amanda's house at LA. At UK Amanda meets Graham, a charming, a little mysterious brother of Iris. At LA Iris meets Miles, a movie music composer. Could the two weeks at a different country be the cure for the guy problems these woman have had for a while now?
I have seen this movie probably 50 times. I think I watched it 4 times over the Christmas holiday. Jude Law in this movie... words cannot describe him, you must see it yourself!
Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
Sam has recently widowed. When is son calls a radio talkshow in attempt to find his father a new partner hundreds of woman all over America try to contact Sam. Annie is one of these women. She listens to the radio show and hears Sam talking there. She writes a letter to him and when Sam's son reads the letter he knows that Annie is the one for him. Sam's son, Jonah, travels from Seattle to New York city to meet Annie. Sam has also traveled to NYC to get Jonah home and all the three of them eventually meet at the top of the Empire State Building.
This movie also stars Meg Ryan and Tom Han
ks. I have seen this one so many times I remember some lines by heart. The favorite of me and my mother.

Notting Hill (1999)

William is a travelbookshop keeper from Nottinghill, London. One day Anna, a famous American film star, walks into William's store and nothing will be the same after that. They fall in love but there are certain problems Anna's career causes. Can they be together or are their worlds too different to be fit together?
I used to love Hugh Grant when I was younger and I still think that he is pretty charming. I still have this collection of Hugh Grant movies which most of my
friends laugh to because they think that he is disgusting. :D

A Cinderella Story (2004)

Sam Montgomery, a high school student, lives with her wicked step mother and two step sisters. She waiters at a restaurant and by the popular kids of the school she is called "diner girl". She has a dream of doing to Princeton since it is a university her father used to talk about when she was little. On a chat she meets a guy who also dreams about going to Princeton. Eventually she learns that the guy she has met on Internet is Austin Ames, the most popular guy of her school. Can a girl no one hardly knows and a guy who makes every girl go crazy be together?
I remember when I bought this movie. I was so in love with Chad M
ichael Murray that time that I probably watched this movie like 5 times during one weekend. I still love this one and think that I will watch it on Sunday to celebrate the Valentine's Day! :)

Pretty Woman (1990)

A rich, business man hires an prostitute to be his escort to some events. Vivian is a LA prostitute who works to get money to be something else. Edward is a rich business man who hasn't have the luck to find a love for his life. The time he spends with Vivian makes him realize that maybe Vivian is the one for him.
This is probably one of the best chick-flick movies ever. Richard Gere is so charming as Edward.

Clueless (1995)

The story is slightly based on Jane Austen's Emma. Cher is a rich Beverly Hills girl. She is popular, she has bunch of friends and she loves shopping and hanging around with her friends. She is a bit of a air head, but also very smart when she wants to. When new girl, Tai, comes to her school she takes a job to make Tai look good and fit to the crowd. At home Josh, Cher's father's ex wives son annoys her. Josh makes fun of Cher and always pulls her back to the ground. What Cher does not notice is the fact that maybe she is in love with this annoying, nerdy guy.
So funny! And Paul Judd as Josh, me likey!

There are many more movies I love but there are the first 10 movies that came into my mind at the moment. :)

What are your favorite romantic movies?


  1. I completely agree with your list! Because of You've Got Mail I want to own such a small, but neat and cozy bookstore!

  2. Haha, me too! I would love to visit that kind of little, family owned bookstore which has been owned by the same family for decades. :)

  3. We could definitely have a movie marathon together!

  4. I love A Walk to Remember and some other movies from your list too :)

  5. I loved The Notebook. My husband and I watched just a few years ago in college and both of us cried!

  6. Sleepless in Seattle + The Holiday = LOVE ! I love these movies. I would've added Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally if I had to do a similar list. These two are my fave romantic movies ever. :)

  7. I love your ten but my list would have to be 13 for I would add 'The way we were, before sunrise and love actually.
    Warm regards,

  8. Love Actually is also great, I love Colin Firth in that one!

  9. Wonderful list, Milka!

    I love You've Got Mail! I haven't seen The Holiday yet, is it good?

    Congrats you have been awarded!

  10. nice picks. from this bunch i want to see leap year and the cinderella story. most of the others i've seen already and loved them too.

  11. Precious post! I love the men of your dreams in the margin :)

  12. I diedn't see I should. It sounds great.


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