Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book Review: Eternal on the Water by Joseph Monninger

Eternal on the Water will be published February 2010 by Pocket Books.

Cobb and Mary. From the second they meet each other they know they are destined to be together. They really are quite perfect to each other; both teachers, both passionate about something and at the moment they meet, both going to the same direction.

The story begins by foreshadowing what is going to happen in the end; Mary is going to die. Cobb starts to tell the story about their love to a ranger and that way the reader gets to know the story as well. I really liked the way Monninger starts up this book. All the way from the beginning I knew that the end of the book would be sad but also filled with love.

The language Monninger made me speechless at some points, it felt like I was reading poetry. The beautiful descriptions of landscape and the feelings between Mary and Cobb really bring the place the book is taking a place alive and emphasize the love between the two main characters.

With Cobb and Mary, the reader gets a change to travel to New Hampshire, Maine, Yellow Stone National park and Indonesia. All these different places somehow represent the stages of Mary and Cobb's relationship.

I really enjoyed Eternal on the Water. The story is really beautiful, as I said before, and that author has really done his research is writing this. The only minus I could say is the total perfection of the character, especially Cobb. That made the story a bit unrealistic. But we have to consider the fact that Cobb is telling the story right after Mary's death so probably he does not want to think about the bad things and just tells the wonderful things in their relationship.

The ones who love Nicholas Sparks should definitely check this book out!

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  1. Ack--you had me sold on this one, what with the poetic writing at all, right up to comparing it to Nicolas Sparks. I just can't read Sparks any more.


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