Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book Review: The Last Chance by Sarah Dessen

Colie does not except much from her trip to North Carolina Coast. The only thing she knows is that the summer in going to be the worst summer ever!

Colie, a 15 year old girl, is very unsure and lacking confidence. She has never had friends, she has never spent enough time in one place to get friends. She has been bullied for her whole life and she feels like no one cares about her. Colie and her mother has faced a change in their life. They were both obese and they were living around United States. They did not settle anywhere. After moving to North Carolina Colie's mother start to work at a gym and after a while she has her own aerobics group where she works as a trainer. Suddenly she becomes a fitness phenomenon Kiki Sparks and she is known all over the world. She courages Colie to start dieting and she loses 45 pounds.

Kiki is having a world tour for her fitness videos and she sends Callie to her sister Mira for the summer. Mira is obese and very artistic and all the people at the town talk bad things about her but later on Colie understand that Mira does not care what other people think about her and she wants to understand how Mira does that. At her 1st night at Colby (The place in NC) Colie goes to a cafe called Last Chance and meets Isabel and Morgan. Suddenly Colie is asked to work at the cafe and for the first time she has friends. She is not used to the fact that someone might be nice to her and she notices that the friendship with Isabel and Morgan gives her courage. Colie notices that she is not the only one with the problems and she experiences things she has never experienced before as she spends time with the girls.

There is also Norman, a hippie guy who works also at the cafe. He lives with Mira and he is very artistic and he collects all these weird things. First Colie thinks that Norman is not her type but when she spends more time with him she starts to sense feelings she has never sensed before.

The Last Change is a story of new chances, the power of friends, first love and personal growth. During the summer at Colby Colie gets so much more courage and she realizes that the fault is not in her, it is on the bullies. She realizes that she has to defend herself against the bullying.

I thoughoutly enjoyed this book and I think that Dessen does great job in describing the feelings and actions of Collie. The book was fast to read and it is great to read who the confidence of Colie grows from page to page.

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