Saturday, September 19, 2009

Discussion Post: The Men of my Dreams

Why do I always fall in love with fictional men? I have wondered the answer for that question already for years. I read a lot and I own a lot of books, but still, I always tend to read the same book again and again and one of the main reasons for that is my passionate love towards the "hero" of the book.First time I fell in love with a fictional man when I was about 12 years ago and reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I will never forget the moment I got Pride and Prejudice into my hands for the first time. I was walking between the shelfs on the huge library in my city. I haven't found anything to read until I found this brown covered, old, little book between the shelfs. The pages were yellowish and I can say that the book looked pretty boring. The only thing it said on the cover was "Jane Austen- Ylpeys ja Ennakkoluulo" (Jane Austen- Pride and Prejudice). I took it with me and went to the sofas at the lounge to read it. The story took me in right away. I had to take the book with me and I read it for the whole weekend. That was the first time I fell in love with a book but also with a man. Fitzwilliam Darcy;handsome, tall, dark, rich, proud, arrogant, completety stole my heart. After that I have know what I want from a man. After seeing BBC's Pride and Prejudice I just felt in love with story and Darcy more, Colin Firth is just gorgeous as Darcy.

After reading Pride and Prejudice I wanted to read all the other books written by Austen. I searched them from libraries and I read them like there were no tomorrow. All the books have gorgeous heroes; Colonel Brandon, Henry Tilney, Mr Knightley, Captain Wentworth..., but the only hero that has become almost equal with Mr Darcy is Edmund Bertram from Mansfield Park. He is totally different type of character than Darcy. He is kind, friendly, etc. I just love the whole story structure of Mansfield Park; Fanny and Edmund are best friends, Fanny is in love with Edmund, Edmund falls in love with Mary Crawford, Edmund notices Mary is nothing like he imagined, he notices that Fanny is the person he has imagined in his mind all the time, Fanny and Edmund get together. I love Edmund because of his friendliness, but also because of the fact, that maybe all the time he loved Fanny, not Mary, but that he was just blind for the love. My favorite adaptation of Mansfield Park is the movie made in 2007 with GORGEOUS Blake Ritson as Edmund. (I must say that Blake Ritson is one of the handsomest men I've ever seen.)Since I read the first Princess Diaries book by Meg Cabot I've loved Michael Moscovitz. He is nerdy, kind, funny, musician etc. He likes Mia even though she is also kinda freaky at the beginning before she hears the she is a princess. I think Michael is lot cuter in the books that in the movie, I was kinda disapointed when he was not in the second movie. During the whole 10 books of the Princess Diaries Michael remains as my favorite character along with Mia. Michael is smart but he is also funny. I want that type of guy for me too. Plus, I always imagine him to be amazingly handsome, (and he smells good, like Mia says).
I never thought I would fall in love with a vampire. I've read Harry Potters several times, but I never fall in love with Harry Potter. When I got the Twilight Saga into my hands I never imagined I could fall in love with a vampire, because it sounds even more unrealistical than wizards. But after reading about Edward Cullen there was no going back. Edward has stolen the hearts of million girls worldwide. He is the day dream of girls from 12 years old, or even younger, to older people. He is handsome, extremely protective, rich, and he is devoted to love only one girl in the whole world. Who wouldn't want that? I must say that when I was reading New Moon I started to dislike Edward at least a little (I think I'm not the only one) but at the end of the book my heart was again beating only for Edward. Gosh I wish there could be guys like him somewhere. The first movie was worser than the book, but I have high expectations towards the second movie because at least the latest trailer looks really good. I think Robert Pattinson is a great choice to play Edward. No one can be as gorgeous as Edward but Robert Pattinson is very close to that.

I have to mention this one character from a TV show because I am basicly talking about him everyday. :D Grey's Anatomy has been my favorite TV show since it started. I am interested about medicine, which is visible on the show, but also the relationship problems and the life in the hospital are interesting. The characters are great, sometimes I feel like I personally know them. I know about their problems, their weaknesses, what they like to do, who they love etc. At season 2, I totally fell in love with this "dirty mistress" Mark Sloan aka McSteamy. He was the guy who broke Derek's marriage, the guy who has sex with everyone, the guy who is not ready to settle down. Despite all these facts I see him as the guy who is scared to settle down and who is able to love someone when he is just ready for it. At the season 5 of the Grey's Anatomy McSteamy changes when he falls in love with a lot younger intern Lexie Grey. It was great to see the other side of McSteamy, the side I always knew existed. I am really looking forward to the 6th season, which is starting next week (I AM SO EXCITED) to see more about the other side of McSteamy. One of the best things also about him is his gorgeous looks. I can honestly say he is the handsomest men I've ever seen.

This is only a little list of the fictional guys I love. I posted about these guys because they are the ones I always go back to, I always want to know more about them, I am always seaching for a guy who is like them and I constantly daydream about them.

I hope I'm not the only one dreaming about fictional guys. I would love to know who is your favorite fictional man and why?


  1. And the winner is.....


    He sure is the best :)
    Even Mr Darcy is veeery close!

    Ask me again in a month, when I reread P&P, then is Darcy on one.. then the New Moon film - EDWARD! :D

    All in all:
    Boys in Books are just better :)

  2. If you're in love with Mr. Darcy, you will never find a real man to live up to him! He's rich, he learns from his mistakes, he admits he was wrong AND his parents are dead so no pesky in-laws!

  3. "Boys in Books are just better"...oh yes indeedy!!

    Was: Harry Potter, then Darcy (still, "ish" but then Cap'n Wentworth stole my heart away, and Tilney appealed to my dream of "fall in love with your best friend that's a boy"...have yet to find a friend that is a boy...ha ha day :P

    Em xx

  4. I posted my comment with the wrong article at first. Here, it's better!
    Hum... what a difficult choice between all this amazing fictionnal guys !!! Like a lot of women around the world my first choice will be Mr. Darcy (2005 version, Matthew yumi Macfadyen) and then John Thornton (Richard OMG Armitage) ex aequo. Captain Wentworth (cute Rupert Penry-Jones like in "Spooks"/"Mi-5") is a really wonderful man too. OH MY GOD, all english actors. The best of the best!

  5. And I thought I was the only one with a massive crush on Mr. Moscovitz;)

  6. Mr Moscovitz out of this lot hands down!! But Javier from Dirty Dancing 2, and Hunter from the Blood Witch series (by Cate Tiernan).Read them! They're the best book I've ever read!

  7. OMG, you like pretty much all the same guys as i do! apart from the Grey's anatomy bloke who i've never seen before. I have read all the Princess Diaries books (so many times i've lost count), i am completely in love with Mr. Darcy. He's better than Michael Moscovitz because Michael disappears for two years. I love edward, although in the movies i am completely Taylor Lautner! and i liked Edmund from Mansfield park but not in that way i thought he was a bit blind to poor Fanny.. So i completely agree

    Boys in books are soo much better!

    but isn't it funny the people who write about guys who are perfect are always girls??

  8. this might just as well have been written by me, I'm very much in love with all of these, never read the princesses diary though, and didn't like the movie very much, but everything else is spot on! What I think makes me fall for these me, especially the men in jane austen-ish novels and films, is the respectful courtship, the way the men (or at least the leading men, I mean, henry?) are so attentive to their respective ladies, the way you can feel the love they feel through the pages. but still, there's this teasing going on, tilney is the perfect example! It's something extremely sexy and adorable about it that just melts my heart!


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