Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Princess Diaries movies

I have loved the Princess Diaries since I read the first book for the first time years ago. I love Mia Thermopolis, that unsure and invisible girl who gets to know that she is a princess of a little country in Europe. I think I would react the same way than Mia does if I would hear I am a princess; I would totally freak out. But this post is not about the books, this post is about the movies made using the books as a inspiration.

Today I went to the supermarket and I FINALLY found the Princess Diaries DVD. I've had the 2nd movie as a DVD for years, but I have missed the 1st DVD, but now, my collection is complete. I think Anne Hathaway was a perfect choice to play Princess Mia. She is really beautiful, but at the same time really ordinary.
At the beginning of the movie Mia's grandmother, Clarisse, the Queen of Genovia, arrives to San Francisco (why did they make Mia live in San Francisco, not in New York like in the books?) to tell Mia that she is the Princess of Genovia. In the movies Mia's dad has passed away, so she is the heir of the crown. In the books Mia's dad is not able to get kids anymore but he is still alive. In the books Clarisse is described to be this scary, chain smoker who drinks cocktails in the middle of the day. In the movie Clarisse is maybe a little strict but still very nice and supportive towards Mia. I think Julie Andrews was a great casting call to play Clarisse and I think that it was good that they 'softened' her character a little for the movie. :)
Mia's best friend Lilly Moscovitz is super annoying character, I do not like her at all. Especially in the pages of the books she is really annoying. I think that in the movie they softened her a little as well as they softened Clarisse. Michael Moscovitz is one of my favorite fictional guys, he is just amazing, I wish I could find a guy like that. In the books, Mia keeps dating Michael, but in the second movie Mia is just friends with Michael (Michael is not even in the movie) and she meets Nicholas (played by gorgeous Chris Pine) in Genovia and falls in love with him.
At the end of the 1st movie Mia is almost 16 years old and at the beginning of the second movie she is 21, just graduaded from Princeton, and moving to Genovia. I am little dissapointed that she did not keep going out with Michael in the second movie even though I really like Nicholas. But yeah, I think it would not have been that interesting for the movie watchers to see another movie about Mia in NYC/San Francisco with all the same characters that were in the first movie. There is always separation between the movies and the books and I understand that.

As a Princess Diaries fanatic I must say that I would be really happy if there would a movie about every 1o books Meg Cabot has written. I've not yet read the last,1oth book, but I will be starting it when I have time. Luckily I already have it in my bookshelf. :) I hope the 10th book has lot of Michael Moscovitz, because I still hope that in the end he is the love of Mia's life.


  1. My daughter and I love to have Princess Diary movie nights; we like the first one a lot better. Just the other night we were walking through a parking lot waving at people in the way that Clarisse teaches Mia to wave!

  2. I bet you will be really happy after reading the last book, just like me, I also hope that Mia will be with Michael again.

  3. um...yes, there is a lot of MM in the last book and they even make up in the end and they make love :)


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