Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Film discussion: The Proposal

I saw this movie yesterday with my best friend Ida. Her mother got the tickets from somewhere and because she was not able to go, she gave the tickets for us. I did not really have any expectations towards this movie. I like Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is a eye candy, so I did not hesitate at all when my friend invited me to movies. :)

The pattern of the movie is the one that we see many times in romantic comedies: a man and a women who hate each other, but eventually, they start to fall in love. Margaret (Bullock) is a successful Canadian book publisher who works in NYC. Andrew (Reynolds) is her assistant. At the place where Margaret works all the other workers hate her, they call her a witch etc. Also Andrew cannot stand her because she basicly threats him like he is her servant. :D When Margaret hears that she is going to be deported from United States because of some mess with her visa, she gets an idea. If she would be married to a American guy, she would not be deported. So she tells to her bosses that she is engaged to Andrew.

Andrew's grandmother is celebrating her 90th birthday and Andrew has to take Margaret to his home so he can introduce her as his fiance. The problem is that Andrew's home is in a place Margaret has never been and has never planned to be... in Alaska. While in Alaska Margaret's and Andrew's feelings start to warm up when they see each other in different environment than work. Margaret starts to understand the importance of the family and the love and support you get from the family and friends. Andrew starts to understand that Margaret also has feelings and it is just hard for her to show them...

The ending of course is happy, like always in romantic comedies. :)

BTW, Ryan Reynolds is seriously an eye candy!

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  1. Ryan Reynolds is indeed eye candy! Did he take his shirt off in the movie? He has the greatest stomach!


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