Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Review: Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

This was my second time reading Northanger Abbey and I think this time I got more out of it. First time I read Northanger Abbey years ago in English, and that time my english sucked. Now, when my English is better I could have read it in English, but this time I chose to read in Finnish, just for a change.
I like Catherine as a character. She is funny.
Henry Tilney is a little dissappoinment to me. I have fell in love with all the other Austen heroes, but Tilney just don't make it. He seems very polite and gentlemenlike, but I just don't see any romantic side at him. I understand, that Catherine is really fond of him etc. but I just don't really get much out of the love story between Catherine and Tilney. I think the love between them is not the main idea in the book.

I liked the story and the way it was translated in Finnish. Really good story, but not my Austen favorite. :)

I want to see the movie/TV adaptation next because I haven't seen it yet and that guy looks pretty hot! :)


  1. I just finished reading it myself.. And i like Henry his not really forward like the other Austen men.. I think his a little reserved, and smarter in my opinion, even though we don't really hear him say much... But i find him a little mysterious...

  2. Hi, I really do recommend you watch Northanger Abbey!! You might realize that Henry Tilney is actually very lovable ;) He's funny and charming, that perhaps does not come across from the book, if you've read without understanding all in English or a translation (they tend to be NOT good).
    Darcy is the reserved one, come on...

  3. Sini, thanks for the comment. I have read Northanger Abbey probably 3 times after writing this ancient review and now I get it. And I love Henry Tilney. The movie is great, I have watched it many times after this. Even though Tilney is charming and everything, he does not compete in same category with guys like Darcy and Edmund Bertram... :))


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